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Causes and Correction of Common Roof Problems in Oldsmar

Oldsmar experiences extreme climates year-round. Summer is intensely hot with the potential to rain all year round. In this article, I will discuss the most common roofing issue we see in Oldsmar along with a solution. 1. Roof leaks Like everywhere else, roof leaks are the main problem in Oldsmar as well. The year-round rain [...]

Asphalt Shingle Roofing vs. Metal Roofing in Tampa, FL.

Asphalt shingles and metal are two of the most favored roofing materials in Tampa, Florida. These materials have their own distinct pros and cons. The following article proposes to examine the two roofing materials with respect to various aspects. 1. Affordability Asphalt shingles are undoubtedly the most affordable material. They are much less expensive than [...]
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When is the Right Time for Roofing Work?

It is always better to do roofing work when the roofers have less work. That will reduce the time of wait. Summer and late summer is the time when Tampa roofers are busiest. Then it rains in Tampa almost every day. When this happens all roofing, projects are put on hold until clear skies. This [...]

DIY Roof Repair vs. Professional Roof Repair in Tampa, Fl

Sometimes a homeowner can correct small roof damages if they feel capable. However, most times will require professional help. In this article, we will examine the types of damages that can be done by a DIY method and the ones that require professional help. Roof repair that can be done by DIY method 1. Repairing [...]
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Spotting Roof Damage in Oldsmar, Fl

Spotting roof damage on time saves your roof and a lot of money. Systematic and regular inspection is crucial in this case. There are several vulnerable points on your roof from which the roof rot starts. It is essential for a house owner to know about these points and what to look for. 1. Shingles [...]

Tampa’s Most Common Roof Problems

Tampa with its subtropical climate tends to be hot and humid for the better part of a year. This climate is certainly not very favorable to your roof. So it’s very necessary you conduct roof inspections periodically. 1. Tampa Roof leaks The rainy season in Tampa is hot and wet. A leak on the roof [...]

How to Prolong Your Roof Life in Oldsmar, Fl

Your roof certainly has a fixed life, depending on the materials used. However, negligence on your part will result in cutting this life considerably short. The good news is that you can get the optimum life for your Oldsmar roof by being diligent in your roof maintenance. 1. Roof inspection As Oldsmar weather can be [...]

What Roofing Materials are suitable for Spring Hill, FL Climate?

Spring Hill, FL has a beautiful climate that provides sunshine throughout the year. However, it’s important to factor in hurricane-force winds and rain. That’s why it’s imperative that a homeowner must understand the pros and cons of different roof styles and roofing materials to better suit their climatic conditions. There are a number of factors [...]