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12 Tips to Pass Your Roof Inspection in Clearwater Florida

Florida is a city that lies directly in the path of severe weather events. Hurricanes and rainstorms often wreak havoc in the area. So, the homeowners must be forever mindful of the condition of their roofs. The most essential proactive pursuit is periodic roof inspections. Clearwater Roof inspections are indispensable, at least once a year, [...]
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The Three Best Roof Types for Florida

Florida experiences hurricanes and storm storms several times a year.  The subtropical climate of Tampa Florida entails extremely hot summers rife with thunderstorms. These extreme conditions require the homeowners to select their roofing materials carefully. A discussion with experienced roofers in Tampa will enable them to make informed decisions. However, this article discusses three of [...]

The Best Roof Shapes for High Winds in Florida

The Best Roof Shapes for High Wind in Florida Florida is a state which encounters strong storms and hurricanes frequently. The warm ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico flows along the coast of Florida to merge in the Atlantic Ocean. This merging of waters often churns out powerful hurricanes and the windy [...]
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Florida Roofing Industry Legislation – What You Need to Know

The Florida building code specifically deals with the different aspects of the industry, including roof installation, roof repair, reroofing, etc. All such stipulations can be obtained from the sixth edition of the Florida Building code, which came into effect on December 31, 2017. The other important roofing laws are included in Title XXXII of Florida [...]
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Top 10 tips for Choosing a Commercial Roofer in Tampa

Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing in many ways. They are typically flat or low-pitched roofs. They are much larger than residential roofs. It takes considerable expertise to install a commercial roof. So, you must choose your commercial building contractor carefully. The following are given a few tips that can be useful in your [...]
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Choosing the Right Roof in Clearwater, Florida

Choosing the right roof will involve a plethora of points. Your roof, being the most visible part of your home, needs careful planning. It is the most crucial aspect that gives your home worth and a great curb appeal. The charm of your roof depends on its color, the materials used, and, of course, the [...]
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Everything You Need to Know About Metal Roofing in Florida

Metal is fast gaining popularity as a roofing material throughout America. Tampa, Florida is no exception. You may have to consider metal as your roofing material if you plan to build a home in Florida or planning to reroof your Tampa Florida home. So, it is advantageous to know all about Metal roofing.  Material [...]
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How to Choose the Best Roofers near Me

It is always best to look for a roofer who is the nearest. The advantage is that you can contact him in case of an emergency, or if an unexpected doubt in a crucial matter crops up. You, as the homeowner, will feel a lot happier if the roofer is always available at a short [...]