Why Standing Seam Metal Roofs are So Popular in Tampa Fl

metal roof in tampa

Standing seam metal roofs are made of metal panels with raised seams that can be locked with the adjacent panel. These almost 1-inch-raised seams appear like ribs on the roof. Now most homeowners in Tampa Florida opt for metal roofs because of the extreme climatic conditions of the region. The standing seam metal roofs become the favorite for various reasons. There are two main types of standing seam roofs.

1. Snap lock standing seam panels

In this type, the panels are joined together by snapping their seams together. This can be done without any special tools. The installation is easy in this case. These are lightweight panels and less expensive than the mechanically locked panels.

2. Mechanically seamed standing seam roof panels

To join these panels, special tools are used that only a trained roofer can accomplish. The mechanically seamed standing seam roofs are sturdier and more water-tight.

The homeowners prefer the standing seam roofs because of many reasons. They can be both practical and aesthetic.


1. Weather resistant

Florida weather is notorious for its inconsistent weather patterns. Extreme storms and rogue hurricanes can wreak havoc at any time of the year. Any temperature or pressure variations in the Atlantic ocean affect Florida. So it is crucial to have weather-resistance roofs for Tampa Florida homes. The standing seam roofing panels are robust, and they are locked with each other without a gap using concealed clips. These joints are raised, and so the possibility of water damage is slim. The absence of nails or screws makes the roof penetration free and leak-free. The standing seam roof is also unaffected by extreme Florida summers. The panels can endure thermal movements like expansion and contraction. So they don’t buckle or bend in the heat.

2. Suits low-pitch roofs

High-pitch roofs don’t suit the windy weather in Florida. Most Floridian homeowners prefer low-pitched roofs, and the standing seam metal roofs suit them well. Snap lock standing seam panels are used here because they are lighter.

low pitch metal roof

3. Longevity and durability

Standing seam metal roofs can serve you for 50 to 70 years if you take proper care of them. The pronged life is one of the most important aspect to homeowners. The metal panels are robust and hold up against the extreme weather conditions of Florida.

Standing seam modern metal roof over vintage stone wall, horizontal aspect

4. Fire resistant

With global warming escalating every year, extreme dryness and overheating become the greatest worry of homeowners. The standing seam roof has a Class A fire-resistance rating. If you can use the same grade underlayment, your roof is rendered entirely fire-resistant.

5. Less & easy maintenance

Standing seam metal roofs are easy to clean. The low pitch and the smoothness of the panels make it easy to clean them. Apart from the mandatory inspection, maintenance work is almost zero for the standing seam roof. Once the seams are locked, they don’t come easily apart, and so your roof remains comparatively intact through the years.

6. Energy efficient

Standing seam metals roofs possess a high level of energy efficiency. The smooth panels provide a high degree of reflectance, and so the interior of your home is kept cool. They retain the interior heat intact during winter making your home warm and cozy. The bottom line is, that your home cooling and heating bills come down quite substantially.

metal roof with steel structure

7. Renewable energy friendly

Solar panels are the most popular renewable energy source at present. The standing seam metal roof allows you to fix solar panels using clips. The installation becomes easier and so cheaper.

8. Resale value

When you buy or build a home, its resale value becomes one of the primary concerns. Standing seam roofs increases the resale value of your home. That way, the initial high cost of a standing seam roof becomes a worthy investment.

9. Lightweight

The standing seam metal panels are lightweight. You do not need to have an extra sturdy roof frame. Dollars are saved that way.


1. Curb appeal

The smooth and shining standing seam roof increases the style quotient of your home. The augmented curb appeal of a home gives its owner a reason to be proud.

2. Range of available colors

The panels of the standing seam roof are available in innumerable colors. The PVDF paint system provides a vast range of colors to choose from. The advantage of this is that the colors do not fade in the scorching heat in Tampa Florida.

3. Architecture-friendly

The new generation of architects brings in a lot of novel ideas in architectural styles and shapes. The standing seam roofs suit any architectural design seamlessly. They look equally elegant in traditional and new-gen architecture.

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