Why Roof Inspections in St. Petersburg, Florida are important

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Roof inspections are mandatory activities that are meant for sustaining roof-health in St. Petersburg, Florida. Roof-health is something that can deteriorate at any time if proper care is not taken. These mandatory roof inspections are recommended twice a year. Besides these, after every bout of violent weather, it is better to conduct a roof inspection. This will ensure the timely discovery of minor as well as major damages and their correction.

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DIY roof inspection

The homeowners can conduct as many roof inspections as possible if time allows. The exterior damages and signs of roof leaks to your St. Petersburg, Florida home can be detected through these steps. Some of them can be corrected by the homeowner himself. Some others may need a professional roofing company. It is always advisable to seek professional help when there is a need.

Professional roof inspection

The homeowner may notice all sorts of outwardly visible problems like missing shingles or cracked caulk around the flashings. The signs of roof leaks are visible to the homeowner but the origin of some can only be discovered by an experienced professional. In the same way, the issues of the roofing materials and the outer components of the roof are visible to the homeowner but if the integrity of the roof frame is compromised in some way, it takes a professional to detect it. In short, it is better to engage a professional to conduct mandatory roof inspections. 


Why is roof inspection indispensable?

• Prolonging roof life 

The roof inspections reveal the malfunctions of the various parts of the roof before it develops into full-fledged damages. When the repair is done on time, it prevents untimely aging and thus prolongs the service life of the roof.

• Saving money

The small problems if not detected on time, will progress into huge problems over time. If the problem is spotted early the repair will be a minor affair that will not produce much of a dent to your pocket. On the contrary, if it escapes your notice and grows into a major problem, it may prove to be quite expensive. 

• Warranty fulfillment

Reputed roofing companies usually give a warranty for a stipulated time after a roof installation. If a problem is detected within this time, they may repair it free of cost if the type of damage is mentioned in the warranty. A timely roof inspection may expose such damages within the warranty time.


• Keeping up the aesthetics


Your roof affects the aesthetics of your house. If the roof-health is ignored, you can usually tell by the appearance of your house, thus spoiling its curb appeal. So, it is necessary to inspect your roof periodically to rectify the issues.


What are the areas that need a careful inspection?


Storm damages 

After a storm, a roof inspection is in order. This may bring many small and big problems to light. Apart from the missing and broken shingles, there may be more serious damages to the roof frame itself. If they are found out during the ensuing roof inspection, it saves the roof from further deterioration which can be costlier.

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St. Petersburg, Florida Roof leaks

Roof leaks are often as tricky as they are as dangerous. They can be detected but it is difficult to find out the source of this leak. It takes an experienced roofer to spot it.

Water pooling

The flying debris may hit your roof. If something heavy falls, it may dent the shingles to form small depressions that may retain water producing water pooling. This in turn will prompt bio-growth which deteriorates the shingle-health over time. So, it is necessary to detect them promptly and rectify them immediately. 

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Attic Issues 

The attic environment is very important for the well-being of your family as well as the roof. If the moisture buildup in the attic increases, it will cause mold and mildew growth which can be dangerous to the health of the residents. Excessive moisture in the attic will create condensation issues. So, the attic ventilation should be rendered flawless.


The drainage system of your roof consists of gutters and downspouts. It is extremely vital to maintain these essential roof accessories. They should be cleaned periodically for facilitating free run-off. Overflowing gutters will cause water damage to fascia and soffit and later to the roof. When the roof inspectors notify this problem, immediate action should be taken.

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