Why a Tile Roof May be the Right Choice for Your Florida Home

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Looking at homes in Tampa, you’ll recognize that a significant amount of them have tile roofs. This phenomenon prompts one to think about the suitability of tiles roofs in Tampa, Florida. As the climatic conditions of Florida tend to lean to the extreme side, you need a roof that can withstand the atrocities of elements. So, the following are good reasons for choosing a tile roof for your home.


1. Prolonged service life 

Roofing tiles are, perhaps, the most durable roofing material. The clay tiles occupy a top position on the list. The tiles are sturdy and last up to 50-100 years. You can say that a tile roof is for life.

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2. Fireproof 

Your roof must be fireproof. Since global warming is a reality, one should prepare to experience exceptionally hot weather during summers. A small spark of any kind can be highly detrimental to your roof and your house as a whole. Tiles are naturally fire-resistant.

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3. Insect-resistant

Insects and other small vermin usually thrive on the shingle and shake roofs. The presence of such almost invisible pests causes rotting of roofing materials, which will later extend to the internal structures of the roof. You don’t need to fear such an eventuality with your tile roof. It is impermeable to insects and bugs.


4. Rot-resistant

Tiles do not absorb water. Their water-resistant feature prevents them from soaking in water and rotting as a result. Some other roofing materials like wood shakes and asphalt shingles are affected by water in due course and deteriorate before their time. You don’t have to worry about this if you had installed a tile roof.

5. Fade-resistant

The discoloration or color fading of the roof is a nightmare to homeowners. You don’t have to worry about color fading if you install a tile roof as the colors that are used in concrete tiles are fast and the clay tiles have a natural color that does not fade. 

6. Water damage

A tile roof will have the minimum possibility of a roof leak. Since the tiles are sturdy and water-resistant, the chances of water entering through damaged tiles are very slim. In short, you can be almost sure of no roof leaks if the tile roof is installed flawlessly.

7. Wind resistant

Unexpected storms and hurricanes often disrupt the quiet life of Tampa, Florida. The strong winds affect most of the roofing materials. Tiles are the best options for Florida roofs as wind, however strong it may be, will not lift the tiles or blow them away. This quality of the tiles makes it the most favored roofing material in Tampa, Florida. 

8. Easy installation and repair

Installation of a tile roof is easier as they are small units and can be handled easily. When it comes to repairing, a tile roof is manifold easier than many other roofing materials. It is easy to replace damaged tiles as you can replace them without disturbing the adjacent ones.

9. Energy efficient

Tile roofs are naturally ventilated because of the gaps between them. So, your interior is kept ventilated and dry all the time. Tiles can keep the outside temperature from affecting the interior during summer and at the same time, retain the internal temperature during winter. The energy efficiency of the tile roof keeps your energy bills to the minimum.

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10. Wide range of colors and designs

Tiles are available in many colors and designs. You can have the tiles of your favorite color or the color that goes with your surroundings. This feature of the tiles adds to its popularity as the homeowner can make the roof his style statement.

11. Suits all types of architecture 

Tiles suit any kind of architecture. They make the architecture come to life. It lends the house elegance par excellence. It enhances the curb appeal of your home, thereby adding to the value of your house.

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