Tampa, Florida is known for its extreme climatic conditions. Extremely hot summers and almost year-round rains don’t help much as far as the health of your roof is concerned. A Tampa roof leak is perhaps the single most hassle here because there are many causes for this. In this article, I plan to talk about some of the serious roofing issues and its remedies. 

1. Condensation

Condensation happens regardless of seasons if the conditions in the attic are not ideal. If there is heat build-up in the attic it will spread downwards into the interior of the house. This causes vapor from below to go up into the attic and during the night it condenses to form water. If this condensation is beyond a limit it falls onto the ceiling producing discoloration and mold growth. This becomes a dire issue when your ceiling begins to sag or fall off. 

• Ventilation

This problem can be corrected by creating ideal attic conditions. Proper ventilation of the attic is crucial here. The vapor that rises from the interiors of the house should be let out through the attic vents. If these vents are blocked or malfunctioning in some way, the vapor gets trapped inside the attic and condenses. Soa frequent inspection of your attic vents is vital for preserving the attic conditions.

roof turbines

• Insulation

attic insulation

Another issue is attic insulation. Attic insulation should be done perfectly using the materials of the correct R-value. If the insulation is inadequate, heat builds up in the attic making the interior of the house hot. If the  insulation is too much, the attic becomes too cool and the result again is condensation. It is a professional’s job to inspect the insulation and correct the defect.


2. Leak through flashings 

Any structure that protrudes from the roof creates a vulnerable spot around its base. This area is often covered with metal sheets and fixed with roof cement. The intense heat in Tampa is likely to dry up the cement, which results in cracks. If these are ignored, portions of the cement will fall off exposing the metal sheets. In due time, the metal is corroded or strong gales will lift its edges creating a roof leak in your Tampa, Florida home.


Flashings can be replaced and it is not a very costly expense. If the metal sheet is affected, it is recommended that you replace the flashing. If you can do it yourself, it is a DIY job. Or else, you should engage an expert to do the job. This is emergency work.

roof flashing

3. Leak through ridges

Ridges are the horizontal line on the apex of a roof where two sides of the roof join. The ridges will be covered with ridge caps made of galvanized iron or those which are made of shingles. In both cases, wings of the cap should overlap the first row of shingles without any gap in between. Tampa is a place where storms and hurricanes are frequent during spring and summer. If these caps are lifted by the wind, there is a possibility of water entering through the gap.

roof leak through ridge vent

The evidence of this roof leak can be noticed from the attic but to uncover its origin is a difficult job. You may do it with the help of another person who can hold a garden hose over the ridge. You may be able to see the drippings from the attic and remedy it. However, this being a very crucial part of the roof, it is better to seek the help of a roofer.


4. Other possible weak spots

Apart from the above spots, there are a few other spots that also may let water in.

• Gutters

If the gutters overflow, the fascia, and soffit can be damaged. The water may deteriorate these areas and water can get inside the roof.Periodic cleaning of the gutters is the only remedy and the homeowners can do it themselves.


• Siding 

The sidings of the roof are the spots that suffer the strongest impact of wind and rain. Strong gales and continuous rains may damage it creating gaps through which water enters.Replacing the siding is the solution.

damaged caulking

• Rubber boots of plumbing and roof vents 

The rubber boots around plumbing and attic vents are prone to damages because of extreme heat leaving cracks through which water seeps in. It is easy to replace these boots and it is not a very expensive issue.