When you intend to start a Tampa roofing project, the first thing is to get an estimate from different roofers. This is necessary because it helps you to compare the work of two contending roofers, which is necessary for any roofing work. The roofing estimates will indicate the scope of their work in detail in this document. The homeowner should have a clear idea of his entitlements as to the scope of roofing work. The following list should give you a clear idea of your rights as the homeowner

Preliminary requirements

1. A detailed roof inspection


Before the beginning of the work, the roofer should conduct a detailed roof inspection. The condition of the whole roof structure should be assessed. It is required for the homeowner to adjust his budget according to the expected expenses. If you are planning to install a new roof to your new home, the roofer should inspect the plinth area of your home and calculate the roof area for you and the expected expense per square foot.


2. Advice on the type of roofing suitable for your ho

An experienced roofer will be in a position to suggest the roofing system suitable for any home. He should be able to evaluate the surrounding area to choose the roofing system for you. It depends on whether the locality has a lot of vegetation to have a potential risk of flying debris. He should go into the details of the weather of the locality and choose a system that suits it. In short, he should provide all the technical know-how about roofing to influence your roofing ideas and preferences.

3. Presenting the relevant certificates and accreditations

As the homeowner, you are entitled to inspect his licenses, certificates, and accreditations. He should produce before you his roofing license, the details about the company’s standing with the BBB, the documents about the training details of the workforce, different manufacturer’s certificates, the certificate of adequate safety measures, and other relevant permits and certificates of approval from the relevant local authorities. It will give you an idea about the quality of work he will be able to provide you.



The general responsibilities of a roofer

1. Ensure quality workforce

It is the roofer’s responsibility to ensure the availability of a highly experienced and expert working crew. He should see that an adequate number of workers is used to complete the project on time. If an extra number of workers are needed for the timely completion, the roofer should see to it without any added expense to the homeowner.

2. Tie up with relevant vendors and service providers

The onus of contacting the appropriate vendors of the materials and the services of logistics teams for ensuring hiccup-free project continuity. The fixing of rates for various materials and services is also vested in the roofer. It is not a difficult proposition for a reputed roofing company.

3. Safety measures

It is the prime duty of a roofing contractor to ensure the safety of his workforce. He should use all the available and advanced safety equipment. Apart from the safety of his workers, he is equally responsible for the safety of the homeowner’s property. The landscape surrounding the house and the other assets of his client are in his care. So, he should make arrangements to preserve these also.



Responsibilities connected to the project


1. Removal of the existing parts of the roof, in case of roof repair or roof replacement


If the roofing project includes major roof repair or replacement, there will be a huge amount of debris that needs to be removed. The roofing company has to remove these parts and transport them away from the site to dispose of them suitably. It is included in the overall amount quoted. The company must do this without causing any damage to the rest of the house or the surrounding area.


2. Repair of the damaged roof structure components


While inspection, if a vulnerable spot is detected in the frame, the roofer should replace it. He should see that the approved quality materials are used for the purpose. The parts include rafter, underlayment, various kinds of flashings, and rubber housings of the pipe vents. Installation of gutters and waterproof sheaths along the eaves. The roofer should see that top-quality guarded gutters and downspouts are in place. In addition to it, he should also ensure that the extremities of the roof are completely waterproofed. Installing effective waterproof sheaths also includes the roofer’s responsibility.

3. Roofing material

The roofer should make sure that the roofing materials are the ones that are approved by the homeowner. The homeowner should be informed of any unavoidable change beforehand.


4. Installation

The contractor should see that different components of the roof are installed according to the special instructions of the manufacturer. It will ensure a flawless installation.

5. Warranty

It is the right of the homeowner to have a warranty document that specifies all the post-project services and material quality. The materials will have the manufacturer’s warranty. The responsibility of the roofer is to get materials that have the warranty of the manufacturer.


6. Clean up


After the work, the roofer must leave the place as he had found it. It means he should take up the restoration of the garden walls or other structures if they are damaged. Also, he should clean up the project site of all project waists.