Many factors cause a roof to leak in Tampa, Florida. Any breach in the integrity of the roof will cause a roof leak. This leak is usually invisible and inconspicuous. It remains so, till serious manifestations of the leak appear. By this time, the roof leak would have caused irreparable damages. Periodic roof inspection reduces the chances of serious roof damage. The homeowners should have an idea about the various factors that cause water damage to the roof.


1. Shingle issues 

This is the most obvious of the causes of the Tampa roof leak. Shingles are the biggest components of a roof that are exposed to the elements. Wind will blow them away and rain and hail will corrode them leaving granule-less bald patches. Hail storms often leave them soft and vulnerable. Excess heat will curl and buckle the shingles. The UV rays crack the shingles. All these damages result in roof leaks as water is likely to seep in through the cracks and gaps that are created by weather.

lifted shingles

2. Flashing issues 

Flashing is the portion on the roof wherever a joint is inevitable. This includes the places where the chimney, skylight, or roof vents are installed on the roof. Flashings are also installed where two portions of the roof join to form a valley. When a higher portion of the roof joins the rest of the roof a structure called step flashing is installed. All these are made of metal sheets fixed along the joints to seal it off from water seepage. These metal sheets are likely to corrode or rust over time. This causes holes and cracks to develop through which water enters. Apart from the sheets, the sealants that are used to fix these sheets sometimes crack or break off. This also creates crevices. All these issues cause roof leaks in due course.

roof flashing

3. Gutter issues

Clogged gutters are, perhaps the greatest liabilities as far as the roof health is concerned. The debris blocking gutters and downspouts results in overflow. This water penetrates through fascia and soffit, damaging both these structures. Besides causing roof leaks, this will allow rot to set in.

leafs in gutter

4. Attic issues

The attic must be moist-free. Proper ventilation of the attic is crucial. Proper insulation of the attic is equally important. Over insulation is as detrimental as inadequate insulation. If the attic is too cool, the vapor rising from the living space down will condense and this condensate will fall on the ceiling.

5. Debris accumulation

Debris should not be allowed to accumulate on the roof. This will trap moisture on the roof and it will eventually penetrate the shingles, thus triggering a roof leak.

roof debris

6. Old age 

If your roof is past its prime, various parts of the roof will start failing. The shingles will curl or crack. Exposure to the weather will make them lose their texture and granules. Rot sets in on the underlayment and the deck. The roof structure generally loses its robustness. All these are sufficient reasons for a roof leak.