Commercial Roofer

Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing in many ways. They are typically flat or low-pitched roofs. They are much larger than residential roofs. It takes considerable expertise to install a commercial roof. So, you must choose your commercial building contractor carefully. The following are given a few tips that can be useful in your endeavor.

1. Choose a local contractor

Roofing is not a trivial project. You may have to have several meetings with your roofer before finalizing your project. If the roofing company has a local office, it will be easy for you.

2. Choose an established roofing company

Commercial roofs are not like their residential counterparts. It needs a high level of competency. So you have to choose your contractor only after verifying the company’s record in the field. If it is well-established, it would have completed many projects in your area where you can review their work.


3. Make sure that the company’s communication system is efficient

See that you choose a company with advanced communication systems complete with more than one telephone number and fax. Check if these are adequately staffed and works 24×7. You should be able to contact them at any time of the day or night.

4. Search for the company’s website

A thriving company will have a well-updated website. This website should provide you with all the information about the company’s past and ongoing projects. It should also give you the details about its working team and the accolades and achievements.

5. Check on the managing staff of the company 

Without an ample number of experienced managing staff, no project goes forward smoothly. Each component of the roofing project should have skilled managers and supervisors to oversee the work. Commercial roofs have a larger area. So apart from the field management, there should be a project manager to make sure that everything necessary for the project, such as an adequate number of workers and an adequate amount of working materials are available at the site.

6. Choose a fully insured roofing company.

All the renowned companies will be fully insured. They will have client insurance that covers the collateral damage, if any, to the client’s property and the worker’s insurance. It will help reduce your worries about your landscape and other incidental damages. It also ensures that you don’t have to worry about the worker’s compensations in the event of an accident.

Fully insured roofing company

7. Accreditations

All the reputed roofing companies will have various accreditations from CertainTeed, and GAF. They also will have a good ranking in the BBB. These accreditations would ensure various aspects like top-quality materials, trained workers, and a high level of performance. Some of the accreditations also guarantee state-of-the-art safety equipment and working tools.

8. Accountability 

The roofing company should shoulder the responsibility for the fluctuating costs during the project. They should be able to foresee these matters when they provide you with an estimate.

9. Warranties

You should insist on getting a written warranty document. See that all the aspects of the work, including the manufacturers’ warranty on the materials and the labor warranties from the company, are clearly indicated. Any ambiguity in this document may produce later conflicts. 

10. Get quotes from more than one roofing contractor in Tampa, Florida

Your commercial roof is a great responsibility to you. So you have to get the best contractor available. Getting one quote and interviewing one contractor is not wise. So get a few quotes from the locally esteemed contractors and choose from them diligently.