florida roofing advice

Advice is a commodity available at every step of your life and what’s more, it’s always free. Some of them will be very useful, but some others may be detrimental.  As soon as it is known that you are going to start a roofing project on your home, you must navigate through the many suggestions you will receive from your friends and family. The following can be some damaging advice:

1. Get quotes and choose the lowest

While it is always sensible to get many quotes before you start a project, choosing the lowest bid is not always wise. Some companies will give you a low quote omitting many items. As the work proceeds these will appear eventually putting you in a hard spot because you may not have expected these additional expenses. Some companies will keep some of the expenses hidden and argue that they are obvious in such projects. Yet other companies will opt for low-quality materials for the work, which will bring down the initial cost, but soon you may have to face additional maintenance work. So it is always better to choose a quote after carefully studying the clauses.

2. All shingles are the same once they are a part of the roof

Some people think that as long as the shingles cover the roof well they can be of any type. These people are of opinion that all types of shingles will serve well for a minimum period after that you will have to replace them. So you might as well go for the cheapest. It is a fact that all types of shingles have a specific life span. The only thing is that its length varies. If you choose quality shingles, you can forget about replacing them and maintenance for much longer than the cheap ones.

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3. Wait till spring

It is a common belief that spring is the best time for roofing work as the weather may be moderate. While there is much truth in it, it is not desirable to postpone any roofing work till spring when it’s urgently needed.

4. Choosing the best roofing material is unnecessary when you have an expert roofer

The skill and experience of a roofing company counts a lot. Such people will know how to use the materials to their best advantage. Nevertheless, an expert roofer can never increase the quality of the roofing materials. Good quality roofing materials will go a long way in enhancing the quality of your roof.

5. You can ignore roof leaks in a new roof because they will correct themselves when the roof settles

This belief is really a myth. If you experience roof leaks in your Tampa roof it is definitely a problem that needs to be resolved immediately. You will have to inform the roofer and get them remedied. As days pass, there are many possibilities of the defect growing worse.

6. A professional roof inspection is not necessary for the first 5 to 8 years of a new roof installation

Many people think that you can evade professional roof inspection for some years after a new roof installation. If at all, it is sufficient to have a DIY roof inspection once in a while. It is important to conduct DIY roof inspections whenever possible, but professional roof inspections at least once a year is necessary in Florida. The weather in Florida can be unpredictable and unexpectedly violent. After a particularly violent weather event, an ordinary homeowner cannot recognize some of the structural damages.

7. Storm chasers

Storm chasers are roofing companies who come around after a storm or hurricane inquiring about your roof’s well-being. They will present a bargain in front of you that is very tempting. Some of your friends or acquaintances may advise you to take up their offer. If you do so, it will almost always lead you into trouble and loss of money. They may disappear as suddenly as they appear, perhaps with your money. So beware of these storm chasers.

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