Buying your dream home will be highly fulfilling as it’s a big milestone of an individual’s life. However, the fulfillment will come only after a series of inspections and examinations of the house that has won your heart. There are quite a lot of points to consider before completing the transaction. These considerations can be divided into two categories – aesthetic and technical.

Aesthetic refection 

The curb appeal of a house is what meets your aesthetic sense in the very beginning. The aesthetics include the architectural style and the color schemes used. The roof is in no way second to any of the aspects of a house. The roofing material should suit the architectural style. It is the roof that gives elegance to the rest of the features of the house. For example, the colonial style and period style will take wood shingles, clay or slate tiles, and even metal roofing. The color scheme used should merge with the surroundings. If it is in a residential area it is better to have the same color scheme as the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. It is also vital to contact your HOA to determine the colors you are allowed to use. 


Technical concerns

The technical aspect of the roof is as crucial as it looks. The technical concerns can be divided into three – the obvious, the obscure and the structural.

1. The obvious

The homeowners can have the first observation of the obvious. You can use a pair of binoculars to inspect the roof. 

  • Roofing Material

The roof should be smooth and lack any deformation of the roofing materials. If it is metal, look for any twist or warping of the material. If it is shingles, see that no shingle is missing and also that they are not curled or buckled. If there are discolorations or patches on the roof it means algal or lichen growth.

roof vents
  • Rooftop structures

Chimneys, vents, plumbing points, and skylights are included in the roof-top structures. The places where these structures join the roof are vulnerable points. The flashings and rubber boots should be checked for cracks and holes. The metal sheets should be in place and the edge of these should be intact. Look for cracks or breakages in the roof cement around them.

  • Gutters and drainage system

These are crucial structures. You must make sure that the water run-off is smooth and unhindered and the gutters and downspouts are free of shingle granules. The shingle granules in the gutter denote shingle deterioration. The downspouts should be connected to a good drainage system.

leafs in gutter

2. The obscure 

Detecting inconspicuous problems usually requires the services of a roofing contractor in Tampa Florida.

  • Roof Leaks

Tampa Roof leaks can be very obscure if they are at the initial stages because it makes it incredibly difficult for an ordinary homeowner to detect them. Detecting them and their origin often takes an experienced roofer. All the potential leak points like flashings around roof-top structures and valleys should be carefully inspected.

  • Attic Vents 

The attic of a house should be adequately ventilated so that it stays dry and can retain heat in cold weather and will not be overheated in the hot weather. 

  • Attic Insulation 

Attic insulation is of vital importance as this also stabilizes the temperature inside the attic and hence the interior of the house. Too thick insulation is as harmful as the too thin. A professional roofer will know what the correct R-value is, which should be used.

attic insulation

3. The Structural

  • Maintenance 

See that the roof is well-maintained. You may ask the owner about the frequency and modes of maintenance. A professional will be able to notice if there are any deficiencies. Another important thing to know is whether the roof has suffered any major damage due to hurricanes or tree limbs falling on it.

  • Installation 

This also needs a professional to identify any problems with installation. The pitching of the roof is very important. So are the construction of the decking and the fixing of the roof-top installations.

  • The Age 

The last but not least is the concern about the age of the roof. You need to know the age of the roof and its projected service life span. The above points should be able to help you to decide whether you would like to own the house or not; or if you have already decided to buy it, what aspects you should pay special attention to.