Florida is notorious for ever-changing and unreliable weather. So, the possibility of a roof repair always looms over your head. Are you aware of the available roof repair services in your area? It is crucial to know the precise nature of the services offered. It will help you to decide whether you can call the professionals when there is a need. You can consider these services under three heads – the free services, Minor repairs, and emergency repairs.

Free Roofing services

Most roofing companies will offer free roofing estimates. You can call them beforehand and book a free roof checkup as soon as you suspect a problem with your roof. They will come and conduct a detailed examination and give you an assessment of the roof’s health. If needed, most of them will provide you with an estimate for the roof repair without charging a fee. 

Minor roof repairs 

Minor repair includes curled and warped shingle repairing, shingle or tile replacement, minor roof leak remedying, repairing and replacing roof vents, repairing and replacing flashing, dealing with loose and missing nails, reapplying roof cement and caulk, etc.

1. Curled and warped shingle repairing

Florida sun is likely to curl or warp your shingles. Leaving them without correction will lead to water damage. It also results in premature roof-aging. The roofer will straighten the shingles and nail them in place. He will also apply roofing cement or other sealants along the edges of the shingles to secure them in place and prevent wind from getting under them.

shingle roof storm damage

2. Shingle or tile replacement

After a spell of windy weather in Florida, you may discover that many of your shingles are missing or the flying debris has broken many of your tiles.   You have to replace them immediately to stop water from damaging the structure of your roof.  You may be able to do the job by DIY, but it is better to take professional help. He will do the job flawlessly. After all, it is your roof, your first line resistance against the elements!

3. Minor roof leak remedying

When you notice the tell-tale discoloration on your ceiling, you know that somewhere your roof is damaged. It is often very difficult to spot the source of a roof leak. A professional will do it without much difficulty, by virtue of his experience. Whatever is the problem, a professional roofer is capable of dealing with it effectively.

When your attic feels damp and musty, you can be sure of moisture issues. More often than not, it will be a malfunctioning roof vent. Sometimes it needs a thorough cleaning but at others, you will have to replace the vent as a whole. The experienced roofer will know what is required and will act accordingly. It will prolong the life of your roof and avoid a damp interior.

5. Repairing and replacing flashing

Flashing is the cover that makes your roof water-tight around your rooftop installations. It is a metal sheet fixed around the base of the rooftop structure using roof cement or other sealants. In due course, the weather will corrode the metal sheet or crack the roof cement on it. If it is only cracked or flaked off roof cement, the roofer will clean the place and reapply the roof cement. If the metal sheet is badly corroded, he will replace it.

6. Dealing with loose and missing nails

Windy weather is the key feature of Florida’s climate.  The wind often lifts the shingles. If it does not blow them away, it lifts the shingles. This lifted shingle will have loose nails, and in some cases, the nails will be totally missing. The resulting gaps are potential water damage sources. During the roof inspection, the roofer will notice them, and he will drive the loose nails down and replace the missing nails to seal the gaps.

7. Reapplying roof cement and caulk 

Roof cement and caulk are applied at many places on a roof. Extreme weather conditions often damage those, creating cracks and fissures. The roofer will clean the spots thoroughly and reapply cement or sealant, making them water-tight.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs become necessary in the event of a fire or violent weather event. The roofer will arrive at your place as soon as he can and see to the most urgent requirements. He will remove the tree branches from your roof in the case of tree damage and spread the tarp over the gap on your roof. It will temporarily prevent water from destroying your house’s properties. A detailed roof examination and estimate making will follow. A reputed roofer can help you in the subsequent paper works after problems like hurricane damage.

tampa missing shingles on roof