It is important to spot the problems with your roof on time. This will prevent further deterioration of the roof and thus, save you a lot of money, trouble, and worries. Most of the roof abnormalities can be noticed if you conduct regular roof inspections. However, some of them will come to light only if you inspect closely. So, it pays to know where to look for trouble.

Obvious Problems 

Damaged shingles

Shingles are the first components anybody would notice on a roof. If you notice buckling or curling of shingles, you can be sure that it has already let some water in. The summers in Tampa, Florida are harsh and the UV-rays are detrimental to the shingles. It may dry up the shingles and crack them. The granules of the shingles will lose grip in the extreme heat and will be blown off by the wind or washed off by the rain. If you notice bald patches that means trouble. It can also be very windy in Tampa, Florida at times and this will lift the shingles from their housing and the nails may come loose. The loose nails also create gaps for water entry.


Patches on the ceiling

The patches on the ceiling are another sign that warns you of water damage. The trouble is that the patches often point at a prolonged roof leak in Tampa, Florida. It takes time for small droplets to accumulate and fall onto the ceiling. So if you notice a discolored ceiling then call an expert immediately.


Mold growth in the attic

It is a good idea to inspect your attic regularly. The presence of mold is betrayed by the characteristic musty smell and stuffy atmosphere. If you experience it you’d better conduct a thorough checkup. Mold will rot the wood parts. Besides, it can invade your living space and cause health problems for your family, and destroy your house property.


Blistered paint on the walls


If you see the paint of the inner and outer wall discolored and blistered, it is a sure sign that your roof is leaking.


Other signs


Apart from these, you may notice some other signs on closer inspection of the roof parts which indicate roof problems.


Damaged flashing

The inclement weather conditions in Tampa, Florida will affect the flashings at various points on the roof. The metal sheets will corrode and develop holes. The roofing cement or sealants that fix these flashings can break and be chipped away. These will cause severe water damage if left unattended.


Siding breakages

The weather in Tampa, Florida can be very windy and it can rain almost round-year. This will affect the siding boards. The storms often tear away the rain-soaked siding boards. Unless they are replaced immediately, water enters.



Fascia & soffit 

These structures that are at the extremity of the roof are prone to severe damage when the weather is too damp or windy. These are installed at the edge for protecting the perimeter of the roof. So when they are damaged, it is detrimental to the roof health.


Valleys occur where two slopes of the roof join. These joints are covered by metal sheets to facilitate uninhibited water flow. These sheets may develop holes in due course because of corrosion and rust. This will result in serious Tampa, Florida roof leaks. These may be even blocked by debris after a storm and the flow off will be deterred. It is good to check the valleys and clean them periodically. 




Windows and door frames 

If you notice deterioration in the window and door frames, it shows that the roof may be leaking by letting water flow down along the walls. This water will eventually cause rusting of the metal parts.


Sagging is a serious issue. This is a sign that your roof is near the end of its service life. It should be dealt with immediately and by an expert.