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Roof color is a vital factor in enhancing the overall appearance of your home and may contribute to the resale value of your house. However, it will be wrong to think that this is the only important concern while deciding on the roof color in Tampa. More often than not, your house announces your artistic temperament. This means that you should be pondering over several points before finally deciding on your roof color. 

The aesthetics of roof color in Tampa

The roof undoubtedly is the most conspicuous part of your house by virtue of its size compared to the other parts of your house. So, it is important that its color is aesthetically pleasing. The congruence of the roof color with that of the siding of your house is a crucial element that contributes to the look of your house.

Siding and roof color coordination

If it is a red brick house, the red color of the house should be crowned with something like a combination of black and brown shingles. The brown will maintain the tone of the house and the black will complement the contrast. The house will look strikingly elegant.


Beige sidings often carry’s a roof with medium colors. There are many types of shingles that combine grey, light brown and sand brown. The sand brown will complement the color of the siding and the other two colors will provide adequate contrast. This color combination will make your house welcoming and warm.


A house with various colors on the side should have a strikingly dark roof. The siding will provide an adequately playful look contrasted with a dark roof thus balancing the visual.

dark shingles

If you are a person who loves light colors, you may like to have grey or lightly-colored shingles. It will surely give a traditional and elegant look to your house. Various shingle types will provide these color combinations.


Architecture and roof coloring harmonization

The architecture of your house is a very important factor to consider while deciding on your roof color. The color should accentuate the architectural grandeur of your house. The right roof color would highlight the structural magnificence of your home.


If you choose a light-colored stucco finish on the exterior then the roof should have a solid color. It can be dark gray or a combination of dark grey and sable black. The solid color will accentuate the various finishes of the building.

roof pics in tampa FL

Climate and roof color suitability

Since Tampa’s climate is on the hotter side it’s important to understand that extremely dark roof shingles will absorbs the sun’s light more than a lighter shade. This will increase the temperate inside of your attic. If you do not have adequate ventilation than it’s advised to pick a lighter color, otherwise your home will be harder to cool.

Roof color for synchronizing with the surroundings

Anyone would like his/her house to stand out but if it becomes an eyesore by being a structure with an entirely different color-scheme you may run into issues. In Tampa Florida, your neighborhood may have strict codes that you must follow about roof colors. It’s recommended to contact your homeowner’s association (HOA) to make sure the color you choose is within roof color guidelines. Sometimes you have to choose from preselected color options. If you have the option to submit a color it may take weeks to get approved so prepare wisely.