Storm damage

Deciding between roof repair and roof replacement is not an easy job, considering the plethora of factors that need to be examined. Your roof is a crucial part of your house cannot be taken lightly. 

The factors that shape the decision – repair vs replacement


The first factor that influences your decision should be the weather of your locality. Tampa being humid and subtropical calls for careful consideration before deciding between roof replacement and roof repair. The rain and humidity tend to affect your shingles by promoting algal growth which will deteriorate them. The windy weather would cause roof damages from trees falling or shingles being blown off. The damage from trees falling on your roof can be serious and would necessitate extensive repair. A few blown off shingles may only need a shingle roof repair.

moss on roof


Age of your roof is a very critical factor that has an impact on your decision. The service life of a roof depends on the roofing material used. 


If the life of your roof is at its end then taking the right decision is vital. Repairing an old roof is inviting trouble and extra expenditures because soon other problems will appear and you will have to replace it anyway. So, it’s imperative that you have a professional contractor give you a free roof estimate before deciding between a roof repair or roof replacement.

lifted shingles

Storm Damage 

In places like Tampa, we experience all sorts of extreme weather conditions. If storm damage is minimal and a tree has damaged a specific section then we’ll be able to repair that section of the roof. However, new shingles on an old roof will never match perfectly, even if you choose the exact same color. If you want your rooftop to match perfectly then a replacement would be necessary. If storm damage is extensive, then you will need a roof replacement.

Pros and cons of roof repair

If your roof is comparatively new, you can repair it by replacing the blown off or damaged shingles. A timely-repair will prolong your roof life and lower overall expenditures. On the other hand, it may have a few cons as well. You may not get the shingles of the same shade of color. So the patch-work will be very much visible and cause aesthetic dissonance.


Roof Replacement 

Roof replacement becomes inevitable if your roof life is nearing its end. If there is significant damage after a storm then a roof replacement will probably be required. If you are unsure which you will need then we recommend you give us a call and we will set up a free estimate. We will look for various weak points in your roof and give you an estimate on how much longer your roof has. We can even give you both roof repair and replacement quotes so that you can decide which would be better for your current situation. We also teamed up with two finance companies to offer our customers financing for those who have not prepared an emergency fund for problems like this. The interest rates are highly competitive, learn more about it on our financing page here.