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This is a question that every homeowner is curious about when a serious roof repair is needed. Unfortunately there is no simple answer because it depends on a series of factors. One has to examine these factors thoroughly before attempting to answer this question. The following are some of the aspects that have to be considered.

1. Finding a suitable roofer

This is the first thing that has to be considered. If you are thinking of repairing your Tampa roof soon after a storm or hurricane, it may take quite a few days before you can get an expert roofer in Tampa, simply because all will be extremely busy. This is the case if you think of repairing your roof during spring and summer. These seasons being the usual time for roof repair and replacement, all the reputable roofers will be busy. 


2. Professional roof inspection 

It is necessary to get the opinion and assessment of an expert before you take an informed decision about whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement. The roof inspection and assessment will only take a few hours.


3. The extent of damage

Without knowing the actual extent of damage, even an expert cannot tell the required time for the repair. If it is only a few shingles, replacing them will take only a few hours. If the chimney and the flashing around it are damaged, it may take up to a day to repair them. Any flashing damage will take 3 to 4hours for repair. If the vent, plumbing, or the skylight is damaged, these will have to be replaced but still should be finished within 1 day. Gutter and downspout can be repaired or replaced within a day as well. If there are serious structural damages, a partial replacement may be necessary and it may take multiple days. The removal of the affected part and cleaning the area will take some time.


4. The number of available workers 

This is something that has a great bearing on the time taken for repair work. If there is a sufficient number of workers, the job will be done within a short time. 

5. The pitch of the roof 

It is easier to work on a flat roof or a low-pitch roof. If the roof is too slopped, it takes more time to finish the work because the roofers have to wear safety equipment. The roofer will be able to give you the estimated time for the repair.

6. Finding the source of the leak or the extent of damage


This can take several hours or even one or two days to assess the damage or finding the actual source of the leak. The repair time can only be calculated only after this.

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7. General cleaning

Any kind of repair is followed by a general cleaning of the roof. The debris accumulated by the weather as well as that accumulated by the repair work should be cleaned thoroughly. It is the same case with the gutters and downspouts. They also will have to be unclogged.