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Florida is a place with a subtropical climate. Freak hurricanes and out-of-season rainstorms are frequent in this area. Furthermore, Florida experiences extreme weather conditions throughout the entire year. Extreme heat, strong wind, and torrential rains are all highly detrimental to your roof. It means you will have to remain on your toes year-round when it comes to Tampa roof repair. It is very useful to know certain roof repair tips.

General Roofing Information


1. Conduct frequent roof inspections

As a rule-of-thumb, it’s advisable to conduct at least two professional roof inspections yearly and as many inspections as possible on your own. Make it imperative to conduct the roof inspection immediately after violent weather events like hurricanes and rainstorms. These inspections help you to discover minor and major issues that may have occurred during that time.

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2. Repair as soon as possible

Once you find out the roof problems, make sure that you correct them as soon as possible. You cannot trust the climate of Florida. So, it is better to solve the issues as soon as you discover them. If you dismiss some of these problems as unimportant, you will have to pay a heavy price for them sometime soon. 

3. Decide whether it is a roof repair or re-roofing


Seek the help of a professional roofer to decide the severity of the damage, especially when your roof is old. If it has passed its prime, some seemingly trivial problem very soon grows crucial. In such cases, with the help of an expert, decide between roof repair and roof replacement. It may save a lot of time and money. It is a matter of informed decision.

4. Get the right tools in the case of a DIY job 

If the damage is minor, you can do it on your own. It will save money. However, you should make sure that you use the correct tools. Working with suitable tools makes the work easier.

Possible DIY tasks 

There are several tasks that you can do by yourself. During the routine roof inspections, if you discover such issues, remedy them on an emergency basis 

1. Gutter cleaning

Overflowing gutters are detrimental to your roof-health. The overflowing water will stain your walls on both sides. It will promote algal growth. It makes your house look ugly, besides making the interior of your home damp. So make gutter cleaning a regular exercise during the rainy season.

clean tampa gutters

2. Trimming trees

Trees and other vegetation around your house are very healthy as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the surroundings. However, in Florida, it may be very unhealthy for your roof if they are overgrown. So keep the surrounding vegetation trimmed. 

3. Replacing odd missing tiles or shingles 

If a few odd shingles are missing after an episode of a strong gale, you can replace them. If the flying debris breaks a few tiles, you can easily replace them. Make sure you have all the required safety equipment and working tools.

clay roof tiles

4. Roof cleaning 

Cleaning your roof of debris is very important in Tampa, Florida. Accumulated debris will cause water pooling that will cause roof leaks over time. If parts of your roof remain in the shade of the nearby trees, you will see profuse algal growth on your roof. These algae and lichens will cause deterioration to your shingles. So clean your roof often. Here also, ensure your safety by using suitable gear.

water pooling on tampa roof

5. Cleaning the attic

Cleaning the attic has decisive health benefits. Florida weather is usually humid. It is a condition conducive to mold and mildew growth. This bio-growth is very injurious to your family’s health. They affect the cloth and leather components of your furniture. Inspect your attic also whenever you find time to inspect your roof.

Tasks needing professional expertise

1. Extensive loss of shingles or tiles

If an unexpected hurricane in Florida has removed tiles or shingles from a considerable area of the roof, you need professional help for remedying it.  The roofer will examine the underlayment and make sure it has not suffered any major damage before replacing the tiles or shingles.

2. Damages to the rooftop structures

If the rooftop structures such as vents, chimneys, and skylights have incurred serious damages, you should contact a professional roofer to correct them. The rooftop jobs may leave some perforations like nail holes. The roofer will inspect the rooftop and seal all such holes and gaps 

3. Structural damage 

If a tree branch happens to pierce your roof, A DIY job will not suffice. This task calls for professional expertise. Do not hesitate to contact a The Roofing Company to do the roof repair.