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The roof of your house is always exposed to the harsh Florida climate. In this article we will discus the most common factors that affect your roof and ways to combat them.

1. Unsuitable roofing materials

You must consider the weather conditions of the locality before choosing your roofing materials. For example, clay tiles are not suitable for places where hurricanes and storms are common occurrences. There will be extensive damages if flying debris fall on them. Low-quality shingles are not very suitable for places with extreme climatic conditions, as heat and UV rays will affect these. If you plan to buy a shingle roof then we recommend a top tier model that can withstand high winds. So even if the upfront costs are high, in the long run, a metal roof will be good for these places. 

metal roof install

2. Wind and hail 

Wind is an important factor that affects the roof. High winds and hurricanes would lift the shingles and blow them off. So it is advisable to fix them with an adequate number of nails and use waterproof underlayment below the shingles. This will prevent water from entering your attic even if the shingles are lifted by the wind.

Hail is another factor that causes massive damage to your Tampa roof. It is not easy to detect the extent of hail damage immediately. It can soften the shingle mat or loosen the granules. The effect of the damage is often felt long after the event. Apart from installing a hail resistant roof, there is not much one can do about it. An expert roofer in Tampa would know about mitigating hail damage by installing a suitable roof.

hail damage shingle, storm damage

3. Incompetent installation

An inexperienced roofer may cause more problems than good. A roof has several different components that are important in their own right. If a mistake happens in installing one component, it will affect the general strength of the roof. So homeowners should see that they engage a roofer with a good reputation.


4. Imperfect roof pitching

The sides of the roof are sloped so that it helps the water runoff. The slopes should be calculated taking into consideration the general climatic conditions of the place. Any miscalculation can be very costly, for it affects the life of the roof. If the roof is not properly pitched, water pooling occurs resulting in algal growth. This also is the work for an experienced roofer.

5. Deficient ventilation 

Attic ventilation is a crucial factor. The attic should have adequate ventilation in order to help perfect and unhampered air circulation. A deficient ventilation system would promote biological growth in the attic and affect your energy bill adversely.

roof vents cupola

6. Insufficient insulation

Insulation of the attic is equally important. This is supposed to keep your home cool in summer and hot in winter. If the insulation is not done with a material of suitable R-value, the insulation will be ineffective and will not serve its purpose.

attic insulation

7. Faulty flashing

Flashings are installed where there is a joint on the roof. This happens at the meeting places of two sides of a roof and around some roof-top structures like the chimney or skylights. Metal sheets are used to cover the joints. Any cracks in the roof cement or displacement of the sheet would let water seep in causing roof damage. The flashings should be checked periodically and repaired if needed. 

roof flashing

8. Gutter clogging

Clogged gutters would overflow letting water in through the fascia. This will affect your attic and roof in general. Gutters should be cleaned as often as possible, especially after a spell of bad weather.

cleaning gutters

9. Installations on the roof 

This is the age of renewable energy and solar energy is the most popular one. Installing solar panels is a common practice now. When this is done, the opinion of a professional roofer should be sought in order to decide the maximum weight that can be borne by your roof. 

10. Overgrown nearby vegetation

Leaves and debris from the nearby vegetation is a challenge to your roofs life. Besides, overhanging tree limbs are likely to fall on the roof causing extensive damage. So it is always good to see that the nearby vegetation is sufficiently pruned.

leafs in gutter

11. Advancing age

Age is a critical factor that affects your roof. Age-related issues should be remedied on time. The service of a professional roofing contractor is essential here. It is for him to decide if your roof needs partial or whole repair or replacement. Knowing the factors that threaten your roof helps you to prepare for the eventuality.