metal roof in storm

Metal is fast gaining popularity as a roofing material throughout America. Tampa, Florida is no exception. You may have to consider metal as your roofing material if you plan to build a home in Florida or planning to reroof your Tampa Florida home. So, it is advantageous to know all about Metal roofing.

Material options 

Steel and Aluminum are the most favored materials at present.  Steel is the cheapest material. Galvanized steel is rust-proof. Aluminum is a little costlier than steel. However, it is advised for coastal area homes because the salty wind does not affect them. It is also recommended for industrial area roofs since acid rain is a possibility here. Aluminum is lighter and more versatile in designs and colors. Both steel and Aluminum roofs have 30 to 50 years of life.

gold metal roof

Copper and Zinc are also used for roofs. Copper is the most durable material. Its lifespan extends to 200 years. It is highly weather-resistant and does not need an extra coating of paint. Zinc is as weather-resistant as copper. However, it is often alloyed with titanium, which makes it corrosion-free. The zinc roof stays put for almost 100 years.

Metal roof pros

Metal roofs have gained popularity in recent years despite its high upfront cost. It is because when calculated, its pros outweigh the cons.


1. Sturdy and durable

Metal is a sturdy material. And so, you can be sure of its prolonged longevity. A metal roof can last its homeowner’s lifetime, and so it is considered to be a one-time roofing expenditure when you install a metal roof. It can last 40 years, which can be prolonged to 70 years under favorable conditions.

metal roof in storm

2. Aesthetics and availability

The availability of metal roofing materials is on the rise at present because of advanced technology. What’s more, they are available in all sizes and shapes. Vertical sheets of different styles are in the market. If you prefer it, interlocking tiles are also available. The advantage of the tiles is that if your roof has suffered small damage because of flying debris, you can always replace a few tiles easily. If the roof is made of sheets, you may have to replace a few sheets, which incurs more expense and labor.

Metal sheets and tiles are available in more than 100 shades of color. You can choose the colors according to your preferences and the surroundings. A metal roof, thus, enhances the beauty of your house.

3. Energy-efficient and lightweight

Metal roofs are energy efficient. It reflects most of the solar heat that falls on it, making the inside temperature low. If you decide to use light colors, it is all the better. It keeps the house cool in summer. Metal does not allow the inside heat to escape in winter, keeping your house warm. So, you can expect a 10 to 15% reduction in your energy bills. 

4. Fire, water, pest resistant 

Metal is naturally fire-resistant and water-resistant. It does not catch fire or absorb water. The water-resistance of the metal not only prevents water damage, but also prevents algal, fungal, and mildew growth. Small animals cannot obliterate the metal panels easily. Small insects termites and mites cannot attack a metal roof. Low maintenance and high environment-friendliness since metal is not easily affected by any of the ordinary destruction agents, it requires almost zero maintenance.  It is recyclable, and so, it is highly “green.”

5. Resale value and curb appeal

The metal increases the resale value of your home in two ways. It is durable, and so fetches a high resale value. The beauty of your metal roof renders significant curb appeal to your home. It attracts prospective buyers.

black metal roof

Metal roof cons:

1. Expensive

The first disadvantage is that it requires a high initial expense. So the homeowners used to avoid it before. However, the long-term advantages soon nullified this disadvantage.

2. Skillful installation 

A metal roof requires experienced and skillful workmanship to install it. Any small glitch may prove to be costly later. Getting a suitable working team poses a considerable challenge.


With the pros and cons, one cannot overlook some of the misconceptions about the metal roof.

1. Noisy 

The main disadvantage of a metal roof that is often pointed out is that during rains it is noisy. Yet, now it is proved that proper underlayment with plywood is effective against this problem. So it is not a con anymore.

2. Attracts lightening

Another myth is that a metal roof is dangerous during thunderstorms as it would attract lightning. But the fact is that without a connection with the ground, electricity will not pass. So this is just fiction.

3. Needs more ventilation

Some say that a metal roof requires extra ventilation to avoid condensation. The reality is that it does not need any extra ventilation but ordinary ventilation.

4. Heats the home 

There is a misconception that metal being a heat conductor, will be overheated in summer, raising the inside temperature. The metal roof is highly reflective, and it reflects the sunlight to the maximum, and so the temperature inside the house will actually be reduced.

5. Affected by hail

Ordinary hailstones do not affect metal roofs. Only an extra-large hailstone will have an effect on the metal roof. It is more secure than most other roofs. It is necessary that you know everything about roofing material before you decide on it.