Asphalt shingles and metal are two of the most favored roofing materials in Tampa, Florida. These materials have their own distinct pros and cons. The following article proposes to examine the two roofing materials with respect to various aspects. 

1. Affordability

Asphalt shingles are undoubtedly the most affordable material. They are much less expensive than metal. Shingle roofs are less than half the cost of metal roofs, both material-wise and installation-wise. So asphalt becomes the favorite of home owners with a limited budget.

2. Aesthetics 

Shingles are available in a variety of colors and shades. Comparatively, the color range in metal is much less. However, when it comes to appearance, both the materials are competitive. Now artistically shaped metal roofing shingles are available in the market. While asphalt shingles will give you a variety of shades and color combinations, metal can give your roof a smooth and elegant look. A marked disadvantage of metal roofing is that in case you want a partial replacement afterward, it may be difficult to get the same shade of color.

shingle roof

3. Durability

Metal is extremely sturdy and its service life is more than three times that of asphalt. While asphalt shingle longevity is 15 to 20 years, a metal roof can easily last 40 to 70 years. This is definitely a point in favor of metal.

4. Installation

Asphalt shingles are easy to install because they are often small enough that a single worker can handle them. The metal sheets need more than one worker to set them in place. This is another factor that contributes to a metal roofs higher expense.

metal roof install


An asphalt shingle roof is more vulnerable compared to metal. It can be affected by algal and mold growth. It’s also easily damaged by wind and rain. A metal roof will not be affected by mold, mildew or algae. Unless the weather is extremely violent, metal roofs are more stable than asphalt. While an asphalt roof needs regular checking and maintenance, a metal roof requires near-zero maintenance. So the high initial cost of the metal roof becomes highly cost-effective in the long run.

5. Fire resistance

Metal roof is completely fire resistant while asphalt roof can be destroyed by fire mishaps caused by wildfire or lightening.

6. Noisiness

A metal roof is notorious for its noisy nature. It needs much heavier insulation in order to subdue the noise, especially with our Tampa weather. Asphalt is rather soft and absorbs most of the sound.

7. Energy conservation

Metal is more energy efficient. It can trap the interior temperature during winter keeping your home warm and cozy and reflect the sun’s heat and UV-rays during summer, thus reducing the interior temperature. Asphalt will absorb the sun’s heat and as a result, the temperature inside your house can be high during summer. Its heat-retaining quality is also poor and in winter, not much heat is preserved inside. This makes asphalt a less energy-efficient option.

metal roof

8. Recyclability 

Recyclability of a material has a high relevance in the present times. Both asphalt and metal can be recycled but recycling metal is simpler. Another advantage is that metal sheets can be also produced through recycling. As far as environment-friendliness is considered, metal scores higher. In short, metal roofs are beneficial for a homeowner if he/she can squeeze out a large initial investment. All the same, asphalt shingles are more popular because of the low upfront investment.