Selecting a Tampa roofing contractor to work on the most important part of your house is a highly responsible task. There are many aspects to be considered that we will go over in this article.


1. Get quotes from several contractors 

While shopping for quotes it is always best to get them from more than one contractor. This will give you sufficient choices and the ability to compare prices and what’s included within the contract.

2. Do not go for the cheapest quote 

Even if you are tempted to select the cheapest quote, do not do so. First, examine the contract closely to determine the materials used and what’s included for free.Oftentimes a cheap roofing contractor will not include any roof decking in the contract which will cause a surprise added expense upon the completion of your roof.

It is always good to choose a local contractor. This would make it easy to contact him whenever you want him. You can visit his office and evaluate its condition. A well-arranged and amply staffed office will tell you they are a professional roofing contractor.

4. A contractor with established track record 

Getting local referrals about a roofing contractor has been a gold standard in measuring the quality of work because they have the first-hand experience with the company. However, if you don’t know anyone who has recently installed a new roof then you can visit third party testimonial websites. Sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Angie’s List will offer valuable insights because you can read about the business’s past customers.


5. A contractor with a permanent address and phone number

A lot of start-up establishments are mushrooming around the country. They may or may not stay in the business for long. A permanent address and phone number denote the stability of a contractor. You should be able to reach him in case of any issues during or after the work. 

6. A contractor with sufficient financial stability

The financial stability of a contractor has great relevance. You will not be paying him the full amount upfront. He should be able to shoulder a part of the work using his own resources before requesting the payment in full. 

7. A contractor with roofing manufacturer’s licence

Manufacturers’ licence proves certain quality in the work and the materials used by the contractor. Most of the manufacturers insist on the contactors fulfilling certain requirements before certifying them. So the manufacturers’ license is very significant.

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8. A contractor with a Better Business Bureau membership 

A good standing in the BBB proves the credibility of a contractor. You can also check out if there had been any complaints against him. It is not wise to engage a contractor who has no membership in BBB.

9. A contractor with licence

It is very important that you choose a contractor with licence. A licensed contractor will know his work and will refrain from unethical practices. The license shows that he is sufficiently trained in all the latest techniques in the industry. So you can be sure of quality work.

10. A contractor with insurance

A roofing contractor must have the workplace safety insurance and liability insurance so that you can have a piece of mind that if someone gets hurt on your property you will not be held liable.

Other points to deliberate on before engaging a contractor


11. Working team 

You should get as much information as possible about the company’s working strategies. The number of workers also should be discussed in detail. You need to know about the specialization of each worker. Roofing work involves a number of special tasks and a team consisting of specialists in each task will guarantee superior workmanship.

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12. Warranty stipulations 

The stipulations in the warranty should be studied in detail. The homeowner should see that all the aspects of the work are covered in the warranty. Extend the warranty as far as possible so that if any problem is detected after the job is completed, the contractor should take up the responsibility to correct it. An extended warranty will guarantee that the roofer will come back to correct it.
When the above points are taken care of, you can be sure of an excellent job.