When you install a roof, you expect it to last for a certain number of years. It often depends on the materials used. However, it is not advisable to leave your roof unattended for many years. You will get the predicted longevity for your roof only if you inspect your roof periodically and remedy the damages inflicted on it by the elements. How would you know that your roof needs repair?

During roof inspections, you may notice conspicuous and inconspicuous signs. The conspicuous signs are the obvious signs that even the homeowner will notice.  When you investigate these signs, you discover the damages easily. But there are some inconspicuous signs that the homeowner is likely to ignore until too late. A professional roofer can detect these and remedy them. In short, you will do well in conducting the yearly professional roof checkup without fail. Besides the yearly checkup, you should conduct as many DIY roof examinations as possible.

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The Warning Signs 

1. Musty smell in the attic

A stuffy attic and its musty smell are the first subtle signs pointing towards a damaged roof. It shows that there is considerable moisture buildup in your attic. You should look for further signs of water damage in the attic. If you cannot detect its source, you have to seek the help of a professional.

2. Mold growth in the attic and the living space

If you do not notice the tell-tale smell, the visible signs of the roof leak will begin to appear. If you are not a person who does not visit the attic often, the odor will escape your notice but you will not be able to ignore mold patches on your furniture and leather goods inside your house. If you care to look into the attic, you will find a mold invasion. It is time for you to plan a detailed roof checkup and corrective measures.


3. Damp patches on the ceiling

Damp patches on the ceiling show that water is dripping on it. The discoloration that appears, will soon develop into dark patches of fungal growth. You should not delay a damage evaluation of your roof. If you are not very good at it, call a professional. Assess the damage and remedy it at the earliest.


4. Water trails on the walls

The water trails on your outer or inner walls mean that either your gutters overflow or somewhere there is a gap or perforation on the roofing material. If it is the gutter, you can remedy it by cleaning the gutter. In fact, a periodical unclogging of gutters is highly recommended. Even then, if the water trails don’t stop, you will have to seek professional help. When the point of the water leak is discovered, the roofer will know what to do.


5. Rusty door and window parts

If you find it difficult to open and close your windows and doors, it is a sure sign that the health of your roof needs looking into. You can expect an imminent roof repair in St. Petersburg, Florida

6. Blisters on the inner and outer walls

If water has been flowing down your walls for a long time, or it has been seeping into your walls, the paint on the walls will develop blisters.  They will burst after some time. It will make your house look ugly and run-down. So it is necessary to discover the source of the leak, which is often a damaged roof. Your roof needs a repair sometime soon.

7. Damp basement

If you feel the dampness in your basement or see small pools of water on its floor, you can look for roof damage. Repair it on an emergency basis, as the water damage will affect the foundation rapidly. It is a serious issue.

8. Granules in the gutters 

If you see an accumulation of shingle granules in the gutters or downspouts, it shows that your shingles are growing old or are seriously affected by the elements. Extreme heat and IV rays will loosen the granules. A hail storm is another weather event that affects the granules adversely.  Replace the shingles thus affected.

9. Condensate buildup in the attic

Sometimes the water damage is not caused by a roof leak. If your roof vent is faulty, the air circulation will be affected. The damp air will condense in the attic, and the condensate will drip down onto your ceiling. If roof damage is not detected, you should look for a vent issue. Repairing or replacing the vent will solve the problem.

10. Escalated energy bills

If you see that your energy bills have shot up suddenly, be sure that some component of your roof is malfunctioning. Usually, the escalated energy bills are caused by faulty vents or flawed insulation. Get an expert as soon as possible and get them checked. You may expect a replacement of the vent or a revamping of the insulation. If you do not overlook the signs of roof damage, you can ensure a long service life of your roof and a worry-free life in general.