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A good gutter system keeps your home safe and sound. A sound roof is essential for the safety of your beloved ones and belongings. Gutters are the components connected to your roof, and they have a significant role in keeping your roof completely drained of water during a rainstorm. It facilitates the uninhibited flow off. Any hindrance to the flow-off causes severe water damage to your roof. So, installing a high-quality gutter system is of utmost importance.

It is also vital to see that the follow-off water is taken away from the immediate whereabouts of your home. If the rainwater floods the close proximity of the home it may trickle down to your walls and foundation, damaging them gravely. The gutter system should aid the transport of the drainage rainwater from the roof away from your home. You should arrange the downspout to take the water far away from your home.

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Maintenance of the gutter system

If the gutter overflows, water will enter your st. pete roof or drip down the sides of the wall. The overflow affects the fascia and soffit, setting off rot. The water that trails down the walls stains the walls and stains them. The overflowing water also seeps down the walls causing the paint to peel. The formation of ugly blisters on the inside and outside walls is another problem. On the whole, the overflowing gutters slowly turn your home ugly and look run-down. So the gutter cleaning should be done periodically, ideally at least twice a year. However, this does not apply to the homes that are in places with a tropical climate. In such areas, cleaning the gutters as often as possible is recommended. The homeowners themselves can do this work if they have a firm and functional ladder and plastic gloves.

st pete roof gutters

Components of a Sound Gutter system

1. Gutter section

The gutter section is one of the two main components of a gutter system. It is the portion that is attached along the eaves to collect water from the roof.  There are different types of gutter sections, depending on the materials used. Their longevity and prices vary. Your roofer can help you choose the gutter that suits the climate, and most importantly, your financial status.

2. Downspouts

These are the other important component of the system. These are structures that run vertically, from the end of the gutter section of each side of the roof to the base of your house. They collect water from the gutter section and carry it downwards to the ground. The downspouts are usually cylindrical or square. The cylindrical ones are easy to clean.


3. Hangers

These are structures that suspend the gutter section in place. You should select a hangar that suits the shape and weight of your gutter section. Durability is another aspect you should consider before choosing hangers.

4. Gutter guards

These are lids to the gutter section that prevents debris from falling into the gutter. You should look for a rust-resistant gutter guard because it can rust easily because of the nature of the debris that gets collected in the gutter. The most popular gutter guards are of stainless steel.

5. Downspout extension

As the name suggests, it is an extension to the downspouts. The downspout extensions are used to take the water from the gutter section far away from the foot of your house and the garden area.

6. Splash block

This component is installed at the end of the downspout to catch water from the downspout. It helps preserve the ground underneath the downspout intact.