When you see discoloration on the ceiling or drops of water on your floor, your first assessment is that it is the roof leak. First, you may try to locate the roof leak by a DIY roof inspection. When it is of no avail, you will engage an expert roofing company in St. Petersburg. They may find one or two problems and remedy them. When the problem persists even after that, you may be confused. The fact is that leaks may occur because of more than one reason besides the usual roof problems. 

1. Plumbing malfunction

The plumbing lines are usually attached to the roof. They may run through the attic. In due course, the joints may get loose because of an exceptionally strong wind that shakes the roof on the whole. Otherwise, a part of the pipe may be rusted and perforations may develop. Water oozes out through this and slowly forms a puddle in the attic. This will permeate the ceiling and create dark patches.


A periodic check-up of the plumbing work is important. This will help you in discovering the problems before it wreaks havoc. This work can be done by DIY work or professional work. Professional work is recommended if you do not have suitable tools for plumbing work.

2. Siding damages

During a particularly bad spell of heavy rains, the siding of your house may be affected. Water can trickle down through the tiny gaps between them. This will not be visible for a long time because the gaps usually are too tiny to be noticed when there is no rain. This problem can be noticed when you look for it during heavy rain. Then only the water oozing in through the tiny gaps will be visible. Sealing the gap immediately is easy and you can do it yourself.

damaged caulking

3. Faulty Air-conditioners

Condensation from the air conditioner sometimes leaks into your house. This will make puddles on the floor or flow down the walls making wet patches. The condensation drain lines can be blocked by mildew growth. This has to be cleaned periodically. If the condensation pan is old, it may develop perforations through which water drips down. The air filters also should be checked and cleaned periodically.


4. Gaps or cracks on the window frames

Cracks or gaps usually develop as your house gets older. Exposure to the elements for many years causes this problem. During heavy rains or storms, water seeps in through these and trails down the wall. These gaps are not very difficult to find and repairing these are also not a problem. You can use any sealant to close these gaps. 

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5. Gaps in the door jambs 

Like the windows, the door jambs also may develop crevices or gaps over time. During storms, water gets in through these making puddles on your floor. These gaps also can be sealed with appropriate sealants.

6. Clogged gutters 

When gutters are clogged with debris, they overflow, forcing water into the house. This will flow down the walls and puddle on the floor. Unclogging gutters should be a regular practice during the rainy season. The storm and rains are likely to cause considerable debris build-up in the gutters. So it is good to clean your gutters after every rain.

clogged gutters

7. Condensate from the attic

If the roof-vents are not functioning, the vapor from inside the house will be trapped in the attic and eventually condense to form puddles. This will penetrate through the ceiling to develop dark patches. If the attic is over-insulated, it produces the same problem. In such cases, you will need the help of a professional. The vents and the insulation should be carefully inspected, and the problem should be solved before your ceiling is damaged.