When winter has lost its bite and spring has begun to warm us up, it’s common to plan a series of repair and maintenance jobs for your home. A roof repair often tops the list. Once the roof repair has come into focus, you should think of the ways to do it right. There are a few aspects that need consideration.

Primary considerations

  • Roof checkup

Before deciding anything, a roof checkup becomes mandatory. It is to list out the points that need repairing. A detailed inspection would tell you which roof components are damaged and will require immediate attention. The level of seriousness of the issues also will be revealed.

  • DIY or professional repair 

The next step is to decide which of the problems you can remedy through a DIY job and which others require professional expertise. You can rectify the lesser problems yourself. It will save you money, which you can use to engage experts on serious issues.

  • Estimate 

You should not start a roof repair without preparing a precise estimate of the expenses. A comprehensive free roof estimate will help you to adjust your budget accordingly. It will avoid future confusion and unexpected shortage of funds.

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How to deal with specific problems


• Roofing material issues

The issues differ with the type of material you have used. Some of the common issues are, missing or damaged shingles, missing or damaged shakes cracked, or blistered roll roof sheaths.

damaged st pete florida roof

The cracks on the shingles should be corrected with the help of roofing cement. If you can gather some loose granules from the drains, they can be used to effectively camouflage the repaired spot. Straighten the curled ends of the shingles and stick them with sealant. Apply a quantity of roofing cement over the portion to make it stick.

  • Flashing issues

If the sealant around the flashing is cracked, remove the loose portion completely and clean the place thoroughly before applying a fresh coat. If the metal sheet is damaged it is safer to replace them entirely.

  • Rubber housing issues

The rubber housings that are used around the vents usually crack in due course. It is always better to replace them as a unit. 

st pete roof gutters

• Gutter issues


Gutter issues usually occur when they are clogged. Cleaning the gutter will remedy the problem. However, if the gutter is detached from its hold, you should fix it. If they are old and damaged, do not hesitate to replace them together with downspouts because gutters play an important role in maintaining your roof-health.


When to get professional  roof help

Apart from the above said minor issues, you should seek professional help for roof repair. A serious roof leak is difficult to locate. It is even more difficult to estimate the damages they cause to the structure of the roof. Any structural damage calls for professional help. If your roof is past its prime, repairing it is a professional job.