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Shingles, metal, and tiles are the most popular roofing in St. Petersburg, Florida so it is useful if we can discuss the pros and cons of each of these materials.

Asphalt shingles are made by impregnating a base mat with asphalt and finishing it off with a coating of porcelain granules on the top layer. There are two types of asphalt shingles depending on the base material. The organic variety is made of waste paper and the other is made of fiberglass base mat. The fiberglass shingles are more fire-resistant but the organic ones are considered to be more durable.

Asphalt shingles are the most favored roofing material in St. Petersburg, Florida like elsewhere in America. There are enough reasons for this preference. They are highly affordable. Asphalt shingles are the most inexpensive roofing material. That is why this material is favored by most homeowners in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is easy to install an asphalt shingle roof. As they need minimum prep work, the installation will be completed within a few days. They are strong enough to last 15 to 20 years and with timely maintenance, their life can be prolonged to nearly 30 years. 

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When aesthetics are considered, they suit almost all architectural types without a hitch. They suit both traditional and suburban styles. They are available in three versions, laminated, 3-tab, and premium. This enables the architects to choose from them according to their special needs. They are available in many pleasing colors which will give your house a graceful curb appeal. Another positive factor is that they are easily available everywhere in America.

However, the asphalt shingles have their downsides. They are easily affected by storms. Once the strong winds find its way under the shingles, they will be blown away and a professional will need to repair your St. Petersburg, Florida roof. They are likely to be affected by all sorts of weather. The result is that they need periodic maintenance. Furthermore, all types of bio-growth affect and deteriorate asphalt shingles.



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The extreme climate of St. Petersburg, Florida prefers a roofing material like metal. They are strong but lightweight. The reflectance rate of metal is high because of its polished surface. This is highly advantageous for St. Petersburg, Florida because of its extremely hot summers. This also makes it very energy efficient. The most important advantage is that a metal roof needs little to no maintenance during its entire life. What’s more, a metal roof is extremely durable.


The metal roof makes your house very attractive. The usual metal roofing is made of corrugated metal sheets. However, times have changed and now a lot of beautifully shaped metal tiles and sheets are available in the market. You have a wide range of colors to choose from. They are recyclable and hence considered to be a green option.

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All the same, the upfront expense of a metal roof is extremely high. Installation is also complex. Furthermore, you need to have specific components for the installation of a metal roof. The workers also should be skilled and highly experienced. If it is not installed properly, the integrity of a metal roof can be compromised easily. Another off-putting fact is that it is very noisy during the rains. The severe heat in St. Pete, Florida is also likely to fade the color of the metal sheets.

The durability of a tile roof is its greatest advantage. A tile roof is considered to be lifelong. Bio-growth or insects will not deteriorate tiles. As they are made from natural materials that would not harm the environment. The maintenance cost is nil in the case of a tile roof as well.


The best aspect of a clay tile roof is its appearance. The classiness of a tile roof will give your home great curb appeal. They suit all types of architectural styles and they go well with traditional and contemporary styles alike.

However, its brittle nature is a disadvantage in a stormy place like St. Pete, Florida. Flying debris from a strong storm is likely to affect a tile roof severely. They are also costly roofing material. When it comes to installation, you will need an extra-robust roof frame. 

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Shingle vs. metal vs. tile 

Weight – When we consider the weight of the material, tiles are the heaviest and metal is the lightest. All the same, both these roofing materials need specified quality of roof frames, while asphalt shingles only need an ordinary frame.

Installation– Installation of asphalt shingles and metal can be easier than the tile roof installation. While metal and tile roof installation requires specialized techniques and especially skilled workers, asphalt can be easily installed by an ordinary professional roofer.

Durability – Metal and tiles are more durable than asphalt shingles. So the upfront cost of the metal and tile roofs prove to be more advantageous than the asphalt shingle roof. The almost zero maintenance cost of the metal and the tile roofs also should be considered in this context.

Weathering – Asphalt tiles are subjected to weathering damages in a place like St. Petersburg, Florida which experiences extreme climatic conditions. Tiles and metal are the least affected by extreme heat, wind, or moisture.

Energy conservation – Metal and tiles are more energy-efficient than asphalt tiles. They may keep your interiors cool and warm in hot and cold climates respectively.

Life expectancy  – Metal and tile roofs are considered to be lifelong, while the asphalt shingle roof is expected to last 15 to 30 years. While deciding on a suitable roofing material in St. Petersburg, Florida you will do well in considering the above aspects.