The homeowners should never ignore any sign of a roof-leak however, trivial they may appear. Any procrastination in attending to them may cause considerable financial loss to the owner. So, you must know all about roof-leaks and their repair. Here is a detailed guide which will give you a knowledge of everything there is to know about roof-leaks.

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Signs of a roof-leak

1. Musty smell in the attic and inside the house

The very sign of a roof leak is a musty smell in your attic and later this pervades your house. More often than not, the occupants of the house may not notice the stuffy ambiance inside the house and if at all noticed, they ignore it as being very trivial. Later, they may have to pay for the negligence heavily.

2. Stained ceiling and walls

A stain on your ceiling will be the first visible sign of roof-troubles. The water that enters will penetrate the roof and drip onto the ceiling, slowly discoloring it. Then it becomes visible from inside the house. This discolored patch is a sign that your roof has started to leak, and it has been for quite some time. If you choose to ignore it, you will notice water trails down your internal and external walls. This phenomenon shows that the problem has already escalated.

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3. Rust on the metal parts of the windows and doors

If you notice that the metal components of your windows and doors have gone rusty and the hinges are difficult to operate, you can be sure that your roof is suffering from some water damage.

4. Blisters on the outer and inner wall 

If you postpone the roof-leak repair, the water trails on the walls will soon develop bubbles and blisters. The paint on the wall tends to form bubbles that burst later to form ugly blisters. It is a sure sign that you cannot postpone roof-repair any further 

5. Mold on walls and furniture

The humid atmosphere inside the living area will be very conducive to mold growth. You will notice mold patches on your walls, ceiling, and leather goods in the house. At this stage, your roof’s ill-health affects your family’s health, as the spores of these molds are dangerous allergens that affect the respiratory tracts of human beings.

Reasons for roof-leaks

1. Flawed installation

Roofing is a crucial business. There is no room for any mistakes. Any small flaw that occurs during the installation will grow into a crisis later. Roof-leak tops the list of post-roofing issues. See that you engage the most experienced roofer available for your roof-installation.

2. Water pooling

Installment problems may hinder free flow-off and water may form pools on the roof. Debris build-up is another cause of water retention of the roof. If not careful, the installation of rooftop structures may create depressions from foot-traffic on the roof. Hail damage is yet another cause for the pooling of water on the roof. This water will seep into your roof later creating roof-leak. If water pooling is detected, the spots should be inspected closely and repaired on an emergency basis. Clean your roof of debris once in a while.

3. Rooftop installations

Rooftop installations like chimneys, vents, skylights, and dormers cause perforations on the roof. All these punctures will have to be waterproof-sealed. However, these are potential roof-leak sources, if the flashings around these structures are carelessly installed or damaged later. During roof inspections, pay more attention to these areas. The faulty flashings should be repaired or replaced without delay.

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4. Damaged roofing material 

If the roofing material is damaged by the weather or age, roof-leak is the obvious consequence. They have to be repaired or if necessary, replaced 

5. Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters overflow and water enters your roof through the eaves. This water causes serious water damage to your ceiling and as a result, your attic will be affected. Make the gutter cleaning a periodic exercise so that it will not be clogged.

6. Lack of timely repair

A timely repair of your roof is very significant in maintaining the fitness of your roof. If you take roof-repair lightly or ignore it altogether, a roof-leak is a sure possibility. Make sure, the mandatory roof inspections are conducted on time, and the problems are remedied as soon as possible. Any negligence in the roof repair will be very costly afterward.


You have to detect the roof-leak in time so that you can repair it before it is too late. If you take time to observe the above potential origins of roof-leaks during the rain, you will be able to locate them. After the rain, if you want to find them out, you will need a helper and a garden hose. Pour water on your roof with the garden hose, and with the help of your helper, you can discover the leaking point. If you are unsuccessful even then, seek the help of a professional.