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Late spring or early summer is the best time for carrying out your roof repair projects. Even if autumn is the favored season for roof work, because of the moderate climatic conditions. Most of the roofers will be less busy during spring. It is easy for you to get a good roofer at this time.

Types of roof repairs

Roof repairs can be divided into three major categories depending on the level of seriousness of the damage – minor, moderate, and major.

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Minor roof repairs

Minor damages are jobs you can do by the DIY method. At the most, you may need a handyman to help you remedy them. A few missing shingles after a storm belongs to this category. You can replace these shingles all by yourself or with the help of another person. You can lift the shingle on the row above and slip the new tile in place before nailing it place. However, if the damage has affected a large area, it is always better to seek the help of a professional roofer in your area. He will inspect it to determine if the underlying components of the roof are affected. If so, he will correct them before covering the area with new shingles.

If some of the shingles are damaged or partly broken during a gust of strong winds, you can remove these and replace them. You have to take great care to remove the damaged shingles completely and clean the place well. Then, slip the new shingles in place and nail them in place. Take care to align the position of the new shingles well with the surrounding ones. Here again, if the area affected is extensive, get the help of a pro.

Correcting clogged or broken gutters also are DIY job. Florida weather is almost always windy. So, it is likely to clutter the gutters. You can clean these gutters regularly to avoid overflowing. The wind sometimes tears the gutters from their securing brackets. With the help of a friend or a handyman, you can correct the damage easily. 

Bio-growth is another hazard that affects your roof in the humid weather of Florida. It can deteriorate your shingles and shorten their life-span. So, it is necessary to address this problem as soon as possible. Make sure you have the necessary safety gadgets, to work on the roof. You can then gently scrape off the algae, fungi, or lichens without displacing the granules on your shingles. Then the place should be washed using a weak solution of bleach first, followed by another wash with a generous amount of fresh water.

Moderate repair

These are damages that prolong the life of your roof considerably when you remedy them on time. All the same, these are no DIY jobs. You’ll need professional help to fix them. Repairing various flashings belong to this category of damages. Usually, the metal sheets that constitute the flashings move from their places. Corrugated metal sheets also cause problems. Re-flashing is not an expensive job but a professional job. Remove the roofing cement from the entire area and clean the place thoroughly. Then, put the new one in place before applying a new layer of roofing cement.

Replacing the flawed rubber boots of the vents may need professional expertise. The deteriorated boot should be removed carefully, disengaging the nails or screws that fix it to the roof. Then the new boot has to be trimmed carefully to fit the pipe perfectly. It sometimes needs professional assessment. However, this is not a very expensive project.

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Major repair

Before venturing into a major roof repair, you should make a thorough professional checkup of your roof. The assessment of the problems and the effectiveness of the repair should be accurate because in some cases a replacement becomes cost-effective.

The repair of the rafters and underlayment is a major concern. So is the damage of fascia, soffit, and ridges. In short, if the structure of your roof is compromised in some way, a repair will only be a short-term remedy. However, a professional roofer in your area is in a better position to make the decision.

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