When you require a major repair or replacement job of your roof in St. Petersburg, Florida, you must choose a roofing company that can claim a high level of expertise. The first and foremost criterion of this is the company’s license and other certifications. These documents are evidence that the company possesses the necessary skills for the project. When we compare the performance of the licensed and unlicensed roofing companies we find a marked difference.

1. Expertise 

The fact that a company is licensed means that they are experts in the industry. While applying for the license, these people have to undergo different tests. The license is issued when they pass these tests. They will have all the latest techniques for all kinds of roofing jobs. Furthermore, they are required to implement all the stipulated safety measures. So, the expertise of the licensed companies is assured. 

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At the same time, an unlicensed company may not have the same level of execution skills. They may not know all the necessary safety measures. This can prove to be very costly for the homeowner.

2. Payment clauses

When you engage a licensed roofing company they will not demand a full upfront payment. The expenses will be fixed and moderate. There is no question of swindling money. The commission charged will be according to the CSLB stipulations. On the other hand, an unlicensed company may demand an upfront payment. The decided expenses often are exorbitant because they are under no obligation to obey the CSLB rules. Besides, they may add some extra charges during the progress of the work and you will have no option but to pay them once the work has started.

3. Adequate insurance

licensed roofing company will have all the various necessary insurance policies. These will cover any damages caused to your property by the workers while they are engaged in your work. Another license will cover the workers’ compensations in case of any mishaps. This will allow you to have a tension-free roofing work.
The unlicensed companies will not have some or all of these different insurances. This poses a high risk for you. You will have to pay for any collateral damages to property or people. 

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4. Well-constructed contract

You can expect a well-constructed contract document from a licensed roofing company in St. Pete, Florida. They know the important clauses that should be included in a contract. As a result, you can be well-informed of the scope of their work, the materials used, and the timeline of the work. The estimate of the amount also will be accurate. The advantage is that nothing is left as ambiguous.

The unlicensed companies will make shabby work of contract assembly. They may not include all the details of the work. Moreover, they may quote an estimate at the beginning which may change during the work. So you will be faced with unexpected expenses. This may produce conflicts at a later stage which impedes the work.

5. Familiarity with the industry

The licensed roofers will know all there is to know about the industry. The advantage is that they will know where to get quality materials at a minimum price. They will know all the suppliers and the availability of materials. This saves a lot of time and effort. The result is that the work will go fast and efficiently. An unlicensed company will stumble along the way because they may not know the right people in the industry to work out a smooth path through the work. This will affect the homeowner adversely.

 6. Legal concerns

Roof repair work in St. Petersburg, Florida, will need many permits and other legal documents. The licensed companies are familiar with these and they will know whom to approach for what. Because of this, the filing and other paperwork will go smoothly. You will find it very difficult to approach the government systems for various permits and licenses. The unlicensed roofers will also be unable to help you with this. In short, you will confront a lot of difficulties if you happen to engage an unlicensed company. So make sure that you engage a licensed roofer for your roofing work.