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When you think of installing a new roof or repair the existing one, the biggest challenge you face is choosing a high-quality roofer in St. Pete Florida for the job. When you start the search, you will find an overabundance of roofing companies from near and far. Below are tips to help you avoid unqualified roofers.

1. Engaging the first available roofer

If you plan to start your project during the roofing season, you know it is difficult to get a St. Petersburg roofer immediately. So the tendency is to get the first available roofer. More often than not, this may prove to be a mistake. If you entrust the work to this person without enquiring about their business or work, you may have problems down the road.

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2. Hiring based on the cheapest quote

It is always advisable to get many quotes from many roofers. But it is not advisable to choose the roofer who happens to submit the cheapest quote. He may use substandard materials, and his team may not be unqualified and inexperienced. Low-quality materials and amateur job execution will cause future troubles and extra expenses.


3. Hiring an inexperienced roofing company

The number of years put in by a company in the field determines its level of experience. If a company has survived in the business for a considerable number of years, it means that it is able to provide superior workmanship. Such a company will enjoy a good reputation by virtue of its quality of work and continued existence in business. So you should look to avoid a company which is new to the field.

 4. Neglecting to check the roofer’s previous projects

Before deciding on a roofer, you should check out his previous projects. The best way to do this is to check the company’s website (if it has one). If the company is vibrantly present in the field, it will have a well-maintained website. You can see the examples of his earlier projects and read the reviews of his earlier clients. These will provide good enough proof of the capacity of the roofer.

5. Not insisting on references

It is a good policy to obtain references from previous clients. You get to have a fair idea about his expertise in the job and his work ethic. The work ethic of the roofer plays a vital role in the maintenance of his relationship with clients. A roofer with an inviolable work ethic is an asset to your project. 


6. Not checking certifications 

Various certifications possessed by a roofing company ensure their quality at various levels. A GAF certification will ensure quality workmanship. The CertainTeed certification assures you that the materials used will be of top quality. A good ranking in the BBB will tell you that the company has been putting in quality work in the field for years together. If you neglect to check these out, you will be compromising the quality of work altogether.

7. Ignoring the insurance adequacy of the company

A roofing company should possess adequate insurance coverage for the client’s property as well as their workers. Otherwise, you will have to bear the responsibility of repairing any damage to your property while the roofing work is done. So also, in case of an accident, the compensation for the workers involved will fall on your shoulders.

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8. Ignoring to set the payment terms before the starting of the project

You may think this aspect is a negligible one. It is necessary to decide the terms of payment in advance if it is upfront or installments. If it is in installments, the amount and the frequency should be decided in advance. It will avoid future confusion and conflicts.

9. Ignoring to get everything in black and white

The estimate and all the other related documents of the work should be written down. It will finalize the terms and avoid future alterations of conditions and agreements.

10. Not paying attention to the warranty

A roofer is supposed to give you a warranty on his work and materials. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions mentioned in the warranty carefully to see that it covers all the important aspects. A later realization of the inadequacy of the warranty will only cause disputes and worries. It is vital to avoid the above-said mistakes while hiring a roofer in St. Petersburg, Florida.