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Is your St. Petersburg, Florida Roof in Good Shape?

It is always vital to know the condition of your roof. The roof being the principal component of your home it deserves constant care. Timely inspection and repairs on your St. Petersburg, Florida roof would extend your roof-life beyond the predicted number of years. How would you be informed of the state of your roof? You can look for certain tell-tale signs that betray the condition of your roof.

Shingles are the parts of a roof that bear the brunt of every external disturbance, be it weather or pests. All kinds of extreme weather affect the life of the shingles. The extreme heat will crack, curl, or buckle the shingles. Heavy rains will erode the asphalt shingles and water pooling will cause algal growth which ultimately rots them. Strong winds will lift them and even blow them off.

If you find a good number of shingles, cracked or curled, you should know that they are fast approaching the end of their life. So it is time for a roof repair or replacement. If some of the shingles are missing you can replace them. On the other hand, if quite a number of them are missing, you should call an expert to assess the harm done to the structural integrity of the roof. If water has entered and started to rot the underlying structure, you may need a partial or even a whole replacement.

2. Damaged flashing

Flashings at various joints of your St. Pete roof are crucial structures that play an important role in the well-being of your roof. If the metal sheets are rusted or corroded, they may develop cracks and holes which will let water in. If the sealant around them is cracked it will have the same effect. The roof leaks that are generated thus can prove to be extremely costly. Therefore it is essential to check the condition of the flashings and repair the damage immediately. If the flashings are badly affected, you would need to replace them as a whole.

3. Damaged siding

The siding is another part of the roof that is affected by exposure and inclement weather conditions. The exposure would deteriorate the siding boards fast. Thereafter they may break away or blow away leaving large gaps through which water enters. If ignored, this will wreak havoc. If a gap or rot is detected in the siding, it should be repaired on an emergency basis.

4. Damaged fascia and soffit

Fascia and soffit are the structures of a roof that are at the extremities. For the same reason, they are open to the elements. These are extremely vulnerable structures. They are likely to be attacked by pests also. In short, the condition of your roof depends greatly on these structures. If the boards that form these are damaged by the weather or pests, they are to be replaced. It is always good to adopt proactive measures of building these with stronger materials.

damaged fascia from gutters

5. Damaged or inadequate ventilation

Your attic must be moisture-free and maintain a constant optimal temperature. Good ventilation is imperative. If the vents are not installed well or blocked by any other roof installations, the air circulation in your attic is affected. This can cause a plethora of roof damages to your St. Petersburg, Florida home. It starts as a roof leak but then the decking of the roof can be affected by excess heat or excess moisture. Eventually, you may require an expensive repair or even replacement of the roof.

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6. Damaged gutters and downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are installed to facilitate water run-off from the roof and keep it dry. If these structures are clogged, water loiters on the roof causing damage to it. If it is clogged, it is easy to unclog it. At the same time, if they are damaged or the gutter apron is torn off, it will need a proper repair or replacement. Or else, it will let water into the attic causing real harm to your roof. If you notice this, it is better to call in a professional roofing contractor to have a good assessment. The above are the conditions that will reveal the real condition of your roof. It is always good to have regular professional roof inspections.

damaged gutters