Emergency storm damage repair

After a strong storm in St. Petersburg, several houses in the area are sure to incur extensive storm damages. It is necessary to assess roof damages immediately so that you can claim an adequate insurance amount. You will be able to assess the outwardly visible damages. It is necessary to have a rapid assessment and then a detailed assessment by a roofing professional. 

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The rapid assessment is noticing the discernible damages like loss of shingles, displaced flashing sheets, torn gutters, etc. One can assess if the roof destruction is minor, moderate, partial damage, or total damage. This does not need any experts. You can do the rapid assessment so that you can have a rough idea of the possible expenses.


• Loss of shingles

This can be easily detected and assessed. Any homeowner can have an idea about the imminent expenses in this matter.

roof flashing

• Damaged flashings

A homeowner can notice this at a glance and form an impression of the amount of money he would be spending on them. Apart from this, the homeowner will be able to assess if the St. Pete roof damage is serious or minor from the external appearance, even if he will not be able to assess the more serious structural damages.

The assessment done by the homeowner is not at all sufficient for filing the insurance claim. For this, you need a professional roof assessment. Your home will require careful and meticulous inspection of specific parts to evaluate the extent of the damage. Usually, the condition of the following parts is appraised.

• Connection of roof with the wall

The wind may uplift the roof affecting the solid connection of the roof with the walls. This connection is established using single or double straps in most cases. The wind may loosen the screws and the roof may be loosely sitting on the walls or partially displaced. This has to be checked and the damage should be assessed.

• Roof structure issues 

A homeowner cannot evaluate or assess the internal structural damages. This calls for a thorough professional inspection and assessment. The exhaust pipes, eaves, and valleys may sustain very serious damages. The roof sheath also may be badly damaged. These should be estimated very precisely and will require the services of an expert roofer in this matter. 

• Other damages

A strong wind can play havoc with the sidings. It can be partially or completely torn away. If there are tree damages they also can be very complicated. More than one component of the roof may be damaged. In the case of storm damages in St. Petersburg, Florida, professional opinion and assessment should be sought. The advantage is that you will get a formal and complete report of the damages. A professional roofer will know the relevant protocols and hence will be able to make a comprehensive assessment for filing insurance claims.