Do I need a roof replacement or roof repair for my St. Petersburg, Florida home? A homeowner is likely to ponder over this question after sustaining substantial damage after a hurricane or when the roof is nearing its service life. This has to be evaluated by a professional if the homeowner wants to make an informed decision. However, there are some sure signs any ordinary homeowner can recognize. A DIY roof inspection would reveal signs. If some or all of these indicators are detected the homeowner can seek a further professional opinion.

1. A sagging portion

A sagging roof is a sign that the roof structure has been seriously affected and there is no hope of salvation. This happens when the roof structure is considerably old and rot has set in. A prolonged roof leak in St. Pete, Florida also may lead to untimely aging of the roof. In any case, it is sure that you need a new roof.


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2. Considerable tree damage

If a whole tree or a substantial portion of a tree limb has fallen on your roof, it must have caused extensive damage to the roof structure. The rafters would be broken and the decking would have contracted grave injury. A sizable hole on the roof will tell you that you need a new roof.

roof damage from tree

3. Extensive shingle curling

If almost of your roof shingles are curled or eroded, the underlying structures of the roof may be also affected badly. Replacing the shingles may solve the problem temporarily but this expense will soon be accompanied by a larger expense of a roof replacement.

lifted shingles

4. Damaged ceiling 

If a part of the ceiling falls off, it is an indication that your roof has been suffering from a prolonged roof-leak in St. Pete. This usually happens when the homeowner chooses to ignore the significant discoloration on the ceiling for a long time. By the time the ceiling starts to fall into pieces, the whole roof structure would have been destroyed from inside. A professional inspection would be needed. 


5. Unusually damp Attic 

If you detect an unusual damp condition in your attic and all the belongings in the attic are covered with mold and mildew, it is a sign that all is not well with your roof. There has been extensive water damage inside the roof and that rot has developed in the wooden structures. Once rot sets in, the wood is often beyond salvaging. This means you need a new roof.


6. Bubbles and blisters on the external walls 

If you see that the paint on your external wall has developed bubbles and blisters, it is a sign that water has penetrated the walls. There is only one explanation for it. Your roof has been suffering extensive and long-standing water damage. If the water has reached the walls, it is a sign that your roof is damaged and you need a new roof.


7. Granules in the gutter 

While cleaning your gutters if you come across large quantities of granules, it is a sign of aging and damaged shingles. If a lot of granules are lost and you have not detected it for a long time, your roof may have already been seriously damaged. The granule loss is often slow but steady. But in the end, you will need a new roof. 

cleaning gutters

8. Discolored and patchy shingles 

During the roof inspection, if you notice soft spots on the shingles and that quite a few of them are patched or seem permanently wet, you can be sure that they have reached the end of their service. This is an indication that your roof is too old to be of service. So you may need a new roof.