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St Pete Roof leaks result from several causes. Amateur or inexperienced workmanship can have a significant impact on your roof. The usual wear and tear issues and the impact of the weather are yet other problems that affect your roof. Six of the very crucial issues are discussed below.

1. Are your shingles intact? 

Roof Shingle issues are usually caused by the effects of the weather. The hot summer will curl or buckle the shingles. The UV-rays crack the shingles. The damaged shingles will let water enter your roof layers and cause leaks to your home in St. Petersburg. Strong winds may blow shingles off which will leave holes for water to enter. Unless they are replaced immediately water will cause extensive damage to the structure of your roof.

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2. How long ago have you checked your flashings?

Flashings are used to cover up the inevitable joints that occur at many places of your roof. The flashings are installed along the valleys and the places where the dormers, chimneys, vents, skylights, and other roof-top structures are installed on your roof. These are metal sheets that cover the intersections. The metal sheets are fixed in place with sealants of various kinds. The metal sheets can rest and corrode making holes. The sealants can crack and the wind and rain can displace portions of it creating leeway for water. This is a very common cause of roof leaks in St. Pete, Florida.

flashing issues

3. Is your house and attic properly ventilated? 

A lot of heat and moisture are generated in the living space of your house. This should be effectively expelled. As a result, some of the hot and moist air is sure to escape into your attic. That is why proper attic ventilation is a necessity. In case, these ventilations are defective, the moist air will go up into the attic and will accumulate. It eventually condenses to form water that drips onto your ceiling and gives the look of a roof leak. The vents in the living area and the attic should be checked periodically for effective functioning. 

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4. Has the weather been exceptionally windy recently?

If you had a spell of exceptionally windy weather, there is a possibility of tree limbs or other heavy objects being blown your way with some of them falling onto your roof making perforations. These perforations are extremely dangerous as water will enter through them damaging your roof structure. So after an episode of windy weather, a careful roof inspection is called for.

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5. How often do you conduct the maintenance of your roof?

Maintenance of your roof involves many aspects. It involves mandatory roof checking, correcting small but crucial issues in the different parts of the roof, and general cleaning of the roof. You should make sure that all the shingles are in place and their health is intact. The small infirmities of the ridges and valleys should be corrected. Confirm that the flashings and fascia boards are intact. Clean the gutters and downspouts to ensure free flow. Clean the roof of algae, moss, and debris to avoid shingle deterioration and water pooling. Prune the nearby vegetation of the extra-tall or overhanging branches.


6. How old is your St. Pete roof?

Age is a great factor that decides the health of your roof. While installing a roof you should check the expected service life of the roofing material. When it enters the latter half of its life, a mandatory professional roof inspection should be conducted more often. Old and worn out shingles are a liability. So is the roof decking. So the health of these should be confirmed by a professional roofing company. If a partial replacement is needed, do so without delay. This will reduce the possibility of serious roof leaks and other damages.