A tile roof in St. Petersburg, Florida gives your house a sophisticated look. Besides, it is exceptionally robust and durable. All these and many other advantages of a tile roof make it a great favorite despite a considerably large upfront investment.


1. Robustness

St. Petersburg being in an extreme-climate zone needs a strong roof over its houses. A tile roof is extremely strong and can withstand minor trees and hail damages. The flying debris composed of tree limbs will not harm a concrete tile roof. Sizable hailstones also will not affect it.


2. Durability

A tile roof has a longer service life than many other types of roofs. It can be considered as life-long. It means it will last more than 80 years, which is the longevity of a human being. So the owner does not have to worry about the roof in his lifetime.

3. Resistance to the elements

Come wind or rain, a tile roof will withstand their impacts. The wind will not lift or displace the tiles. It will not get soaked or rot in rain. It is impervious to heat and the UV-rays of the sun. In short, the elements have little effect on a tile roof. This feature of a tile roof makes it most suitable for a St. Petersburg house. 

4. Nature friendliness 

The tiles are made of natural materials. It means they are highly environment friendly. They will not end up as harmful landfills. The tiles are recyclable. Old tiles can be used for paving.

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5. Style quotient

A tiled roof increases the style quotient of a house. Tiles can be used in all types of architects. They render a classy and elegant look for your house. You have a wide range of colors and shapes to choose from. The visual appeal of a tile roof is undeniable. A tile roof in a St. Petersburg house certainly enhances its curb appeal


6. Energy efficiency

The reflectance rate of a tile roof is very high. They reflect heat and also the UV-rays. This will reduce the heat inside the house during summer and it retains the interior heat during winter. This will make your AC and heating systems work less thus prolonging their lives. You will also be served with low energy bills.

7. Fire resistance 

Tile is highly fire-resistant roofing material. While most other roofing material will be affected by fore one way or the other, a tile roof stays put during fires. Also, they allow the fire force to remove them for extinguishing inside fire if a need arises. As small units and not nailed, they are easy to remove. 

8. Ventilation

There is ample space between the tiles for air circulation. This aspect of a tile roof will keep the interior of your house well-ventilated and fresh.


9. Easy installation 

Tiles come in small units and so it is easy to handle them. An expert roofer will not take long to complete a tile roof. The job is often completed quicker than other kinds of roofs.

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A tile roof incurs little or no maintenance unless affected by exceptionally violent weather. Then also, as they are in small units and can be detached individually, replacing the damaged tiles is easy.