hearth financing

Unexpected natural disasters sometimes put you in a very difficult position. The fury of elements may affect your home, especially the roof. If the roof damage is extensive you may need to replace it altogether. Even if it is not much, the expenses may be a burden that weighs heavily on your personal finances. Readily available cash is very difficult to come by if you belong to the middle or lower economic status.

The solution always points towards loans. Fortunately, The Roofing Company of Tampa bay has teamed up with two financing companies that may be just the solution for you if you live in Spring Hill, Florida, or surrounding areas. They offer flexible financial options for their clients. Considering your financial position and the uncertainty of the project you are undertaking, a flexible loan option will be very advantageous.

Hearth Financing

The hearth is a technology concern but they are licensed to act as a broker as per the state law. It works with 13 reputable lenders.  Comparing the pre-qualified rates is very important to decide on the most suitable loan option for you. Heath will do it in just 2 minutes for you. This speeds up the whole ensuing procedure.  This process does not affect your credit score.

You will thereafter receive all the available options from different lending partners. The company helps you by matching your requirements with the right financier in the field. They offer multiple financing options which can be personalized according to your requirements. After picking the suitable loan option and the lender, you don’t have to wait for long. The amount will be credited to you in less than 3 days. The most important aspect is that Hearth does not need collateral from you for this loan.

They will also help you to split this amount into easy monthly installments. However, if you find yourself in a position whereby you can foreclose the loan before the stipulated time, you can do so without incurring any additional cost.

hearth financing

Ygrene Financing- PACE Program

Ygrene financing company offers the PACE Program which is expanded to be the property assessed clean energy. This is a program that promotes financing of green options and energy efficiency which includes roof repair and up-gradation. This option can be a boon to any homeowner who is unexpectedly forced to face the unpleasant necessity of finding funds to repair his roof. The procedure is extremely simple. You select a lender, select your terms, fill out the documents and you are all set to start your project!

You will be funded 100% and you don’t need a down payment to obtain the loan. It is a great help for a homeowner who struggles to make both ends meet. Ygrene gets you pre-qualified within minutes and the company does not even insist on a minimum credit score for sanctioning your loan.

Moreover, you are exempted from paying back for up to 17 months. When you start paying you can opt for incorporating your payment into your proper tax through a special assessment. Thereafter, the loan can be repaid with the property tax, and you are allowed a term of repayment up to 30 years. In case you sell the property within that period, the payment is transferable to the new owner.  This is very convenient for a homeowner.

If your property happens to be in an area where Grene financing is active, you can even get pre-approved online in an extremely short time. For approving your loan, the available equity on your property and your ability to pay are the two factors under consideration. Your credit score is irrelevant here. All the same, your credit score will be taken by the company for confirming certain underwriting criteria.

  • 100% Financing, No Money Down.
  • No Payment For Up To 17 months.
  • No Minimum Credit Score Required.
  • Get Prequalified In Minutes.