Roof Restoration and Repairs in Florida

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Autumn is considered to be the best time for roof work because of the milder weather. However, when you consider how busy roofing companies are during this time, it may be better to get your roof done during the winter. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is that it is a time when the roofing industry goes into idle mode. You will get good companies and the waiting time is almost zero. Furthermore, the materials also are available at the lowest possible rates.

The First Step 

When you consider a roof repair or roof restoration venture, the first step is a thorough professional roof inspection. You may have already noticed a few issues but to have a complete picture of your roof health, you should engage a professional to assess it. 

The Signs That Point Towards a Roof Problem 

The first indication of a roof leak is a humid attic. If a musty smell welcomes you to the attic, you can be sure of roof leaks. You may choose to ignore it, but a discolored or patched ceiling is something you can never overlook. If you still take it lightly, the blistered walls and squeaky windows and doors will be next. You will finally realize the necessity of repairing your roof.

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Types of Roof repairs

You can categorize roof repairs as minor, moderate, and major. Replacing missing or damaged shingles belong to the minor repair category. Fixing a torn-off gutter or replacing damaged gutters are also minor repairs. You can do them by DIY methods if you are resourceful enough.


Replacing flashing around rooftop fixtures like vents and chimneys, and correcting rubber housings of various vents go under the moderate category.  The metal sheets of the flashing should be straightened or even replaced. Besides, you would need to remove the shingles around the area, and after correcting the issue, you will have to re-shingle the area. It is a lot of work.

If the flashing around a skylight or along the valleys is damaged, it becomes a major repair. The area around a skylight is extensive. The workers have to remove the shingles or tiles from around the skylight before repairing the flashing. Thereafter replacing them also takes considerable work. It is almost the same case with the valleys. The area that covers the valley flashing is vast. If the underlayment or rafters are affected, the repair is a major issue. The damaged fascia or soffit around the roof also takes major labor. If the crown or walls of the chimney are broken, it becomes a major repair job.

Roof Restoration vs Roof Repair

Before venturing into a major roof repair, you should consider the possibility of a roof restoration or replacement. Sometimes it is cost-effective to go straight for a roof restoration instead of roof repair. If the structure of your roof is compromised, it is better to consider a new roof. It will avoid considerable expenses in the near future.

Roof Repair costs in Florida

Roof repair costs depend on several factors. The first factor is the material used. Asphalt is the least expensive, whereas materials like metal, slate, etc., are top-end materials that will cost more than asphalt. The roof’s size is another factor. The roof slope also has a bearing on the roof repair cost as the difficulty level of working on such roofs is high. If your roof has many fixtures on it, it also will affect the repair cost. Finally, the building laws and permits of the locality also affect the roofing costs.

A minor repair of an asphalt roof costs between$150 -$350. If it is a moderate kind of repair, it will cost you $350 – $1000. Anything beyond that will take $ 1000 – $ 4500. In such cases, it is better to think of a new roof which may cost $8000+. The advantage here is that you can forget roof problems for quite a few years after.

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Roof Restoration Costs in Florida

Roof restoration takes tearing off the old roofing materials before replacing them with new ones. If the roof structure shows signs of vulnerability, it will cost you more. All the same, a new asphalt roof in Florida will cost you $400 – $500/Sq. It means that you may have to spend an average amount of $7500. If it is a metal roof, the average cost is $11000. This amount will vary with the size and pitch of your roof. The architecture of your house also will influence the restoration costs. A professional roofer can provide you with a more accurate estimate.

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