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We are a fully certified roofing company that is focused on providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships by surpassing your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional service.

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    You tend to take the roof over your head for granted till it starts leaking. That is when you literally look at the roof of your home. More often than not, the first reaction is to ignore it, since it is just a discoloration of a damp patch. You hope it is not much and hence does not require immediate attention. Wrong! Often you will find the little damp patch spreading fast and before you know it, a number of other problems like dripping, wall discoloration, mold, mildew etc.

    Why is it necessary to find professional help in Spring Hill when investigating roof repair issues?

    Now that you cannot ignore it any longer, you start to investigate. Your investigation may bring out faulty or incomplete findings because the leak may not be anywhere near the discoloration or damp patch. The leak may originate somewhere but the water runs through the attic and escapes at the weakest point. An average homeowner may not be able to find the origin of the leak immediately or easily.

    That is why such a problem calls for technical expertise. An experienced roof repairing technician knows where to look and without much difficulty, he can tell you the causes and possible remedies. The Roofing Company in Spring Hill FL can provide you with adequately trained and highly experienced technicians for the purpose.

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    Common causes that bring about roof repair

    There are a number of minor and major glitches that can damage your roof. These must be remedied without any delay. The major glitches are sure hazards and you tend to pay more attention to them. But the so-called minor problems have a habit of building up and posing a serious threat to your roof and your pocket.

    • Clogged gutter – If the gutters are not properly covered, they will be clogged with dry leaves and twigs of overhanging trees. The rain water will be blocked and there is a possibility of it spilling over creating unexpected cascades that will seep through crevices. So it is important to have a periodical gutter cleaning.
    roof flashing
    • Faulty flashings – The flashings that are set up around the chimneys or skylights are meant for filling the inevitable gaps that form around them. But these areas often fail first. These cracks will allow the water to seep through them into the interior parts of the attic and then result in leaks and seepages.
    • Missing shingles – The shingles are small units that can be lifted and flown away by the wind. If this goes unnoticed it will cause roof problems. An urgent roof repair is the only solution.
    • Bases of roof vents, electrical and other roof top installations – The base of a roof vent and any other roof top installation should be properly sealed with suitable gaskets. Any gap in between the pipe and the roof will be detrimental.
    • Rusted and damaged nails – The nails on the roof are always exposed to the elements and so they may deteriorate over time. These rotten nails will create holes on your roof, letting in water. Replacing the nails will solve the problem.
    • Ridge cap gaps – The ridge caps that are installed at the joint of the two slopping sides of the roof must be fixed carefully without any gaps. Any gap in between these is a potential leak way.
    • Condensation build-up – The attic is the place where condensate builds up. Avoid buildup of condensation by making sure your attics are properly aerated and vented.

    Major roof top problems

    The minor problems can be easily remedied if discovered on time. What’s more, you can detect these by yourself. But there are some major problems that can only be discovered and remedied by a roofing technician.

    • Roof slope – The slopes of the roof are important in combating weather. It should not be too shallow. Improper roof pitches will allow the wind to lift the shingles and other roof materials creating leak ways in between. A homeowner may not be able to spot such a problem. So it is better that you seek the help of a professional. The roof pitch should suit the roof material as different materials need different roof pitches.
    • Improper valley flashings – The valley flashings are also an area that needs professional know-how. If they are not done properly water will leak through the gaps and cracks, making immediate roof repair necessary.
    • Aging roof – An aging or aged roof is a real problem. Nothing short of a roof replacement will solve your problem. There again, you will need a professional eye to estimate the problems of age of a roof.

    Who to approach for roof repair in Spring Hill FL?

    It is imperative that you approach a certified and insured roofing contractor to work on your roof. The Roofing Company is certified and insured.  Give us a call at 727-916-3151 or email

    The Roofing Company is a BBB Accredited Roofer in New Port Richey, FL

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