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We are a fully certified roofing company that is focused on providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships by surpassing your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional service.

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    The roof, being the most crucial structure of your home, deserves constant and the highest level of attention. It houses many valuable items and invaluable lives under it. The smallest damage to it has the potential to cause huge repercussions all round.

    What Are The Usual Factors That Set Off Roof Damage?

    • Age: A well-installed roof has a service life of 15 – 25 years. After that, the effect of the elements will begin to show on your roofing components. This may end up in leaks.
    • Weather conditionsRemember, it’s your roof that takes the brunt of all our weather conditions. The hale, rain, sun, wind – each of these has its own stress to place on your roof. All these natural phenomena impose their combined and individual trauma on your roof. This results in cracks, flaking offs and lifting ups of the roofing material, resulting in roof leaks.
    • Unprofessional roof installationThe roofing job needs technical expertise of the highest order. The cheapest route often will shorten the service life of the roof and result in an early onset of roof problems. So it’s essential that you engage a roof repair company, which has genuine credentials, to install your roof. It is better to avoid DIY jobs as far as your roof is concerned.

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    Can A Roof Leak In Seffner FL Affect Your Family’s Health?

    Roof leaks begin as minor problems like a discoloration or a wet patch on your ceiling or the walls. But if ignored, these apparently insignificant signs will snowball into huge problems that may affect your family and finance.

    • Health issuesMoisture and warmth are two favorable conditions that bring forth extensive growth of mold and mildew. The leaking roof brings in moisture and the warmth inside the house combines with it to produce the favorable environment for the growth of mold. The spores of some of the molds are extremely toxic. The spores of all types of mold are respiratory irritants. 

    The effect of mold is varied on various persons. It may cause serious nasal congestions or a runny nose. Some people develop allergic symptoms like a cough and cold or even asthmatic attacks.

    • Material damage caused by moldThe spores of the mold are air born and once they enter the HVAC system, they can appear anywhere in the house. Your carpets and furniture are at risk. The mold spreads on them creating patches making them useless.
    • Damaged ceiling – The water that leaks through gaps and crevices on the roof forms puddles on the attic floor and seeps into the layers of the ceiling. This produces discoloration, flaking off of paint and ceiling tiles and bubble formation. If not taken care of immediately, parts of the ceiling may collapse. This is a serious condition and if a roof repair is not done immediately, you will incur considerable expenditure.
    • Damage to roof structure – The water and moisture inside the attic or under the roof will rot the rafters and the framework of the roof. Over time, the roof has a grim chance of collapsing.
    • Damage to your electrical system – Water seeping through the walls and attic will affect the electrical connections. The ceiling fans and light fixtures are the possible victims. Replacing these are really expensive affairs.
    • Fire hazard – The water seeping its way through walls and ceilings could enter the electrical pipes producing a short circuit. This will result in dangerous fire hazards.

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    Taking into consideration the sizable damages that can be incurred by roof leaks, it is crucial that you embark upon roof repair as soon as you see the tell-tale signs on your ceiling or wall. Any postponement in the matter can prove to be highly detrimental to your family and finance

    Looking for a reliable roof repair contractor nearby is the obvious starting point. If you are a resident of Seffner Florida, you don’t have to search very long! The Roofing Company is the answer to all your roofing needs.

    Why The Roofing Company?

    We are a company that can deal with any roofing service, be it repairs, replacement or new installation. We are equipped with all kinds of state of the art equipment for the purpose. Our technical experts have obtained high class training and can claim over 30 years of experience in the field.

    We are licensed and adequately insured. This wipes away all your worries about property damages or workers’ compensation in the event of a mishap. The company is GAF and CertainTeed certified, which guarantees top class workmanship.

    You only have to place a call to our office or fill out the online form and we are promptly at your service.