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    Long ago the roof over our heads was just a means of braving the elements. We built for functionality, without paying much attention to the aesthetics. But now the roof is an integral part of the architectural beauty of your house. Apart from the artistic beauty, there are many other factors that have to be considered before deciding on the roof design.

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    What are the main considerations while choosing the roofing materials?

    There is a huge variety of roofing materials available on the market today. These materials are diversely suited to various requirements of the homeowners. But it is not safe to choose a material at random. You should consult an expert roof repair technician before selecting the roofing material. They will be able to size up the overall conditions and requirements, after considering the following factors:

    The first and foremost factor that has to be considered is the weather. All the roofing material will not suit all climatic conditions.

    Storm damage
    • If your area is prone to be affected by strong winds, it is advisable to use specialized asphalt shingles or metal.
    • If your house is situated where snowing is a regular phenomenon, it is better to use shingles of dark colors to absorb maximum heat in order to ward off the snow.
    • On the contrary, if you live in hot regions, it is better to use shingles of light colors. An experienced roof repair company will be able to help you in making informed decisions.

    As aesthetics play an important role in modern architecture, selecting a roofing material, which complements the style of your house, is of utmost importance. The roofing materials come in all sorts of colors and shapes. The present architecture adopts a number of designs that favor colonial, historic and various modern and contemporary styles. Each style will be enhanced by the materials used.


    The environment around your home counts a lot. So you cannot ignore it while deciding on a particular roofing material. If your house is situated in an area where there are woods or a lot of overhanging trees around, then your roof repair contractor can find materials that can resist algae, mold and mildew. The atmosphere will be damp and humid.

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    steep roof

    Roof shape

    The shape of the roof is decided by its pitching. If it is very steep, you can safely use shingles. It will allow water to run off easily and prevent wind lifting of the shingles. If your roof is an integrated affair combining the features of many styles, you need to select a material that is easy to cut and shape according the requirements of the architecture.

    Energy Efficiency

     This is the age of energy conservation and green movement. A plethora of roofing materials that can render your home more energy efficient are available in the current market. Despite the fact that they may cause a larger upfront expense, it will be beneficial for you in the long run. Most of these materials are environment friendly and recyclable.

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    roof savings


    To use an overused cliché, the last but not the least consideration is your pocket. While considering the above factors, you can hardly ignore your fiscal status. It is a major investment and you should look for the most economical roofing material that will not incur any major expenditure at least for 20 to 25 years.

    Who will help you in setting up a functional and fine-looking roof?

    It is obvious that an ordinary homeowner will not be able to consider all the above aspects efficiently simply because he or she is not adequately experienced. So it takes a trained professional to take into account all the factors before deciding upon a suitable roofing repair material.

    The Roofing Company Odessa, FL

    The Roofing Company’s contractors have been in this field for decades. We have the most experienced technicians and up-to-date equipment. The experience we have accumulated through the years of roofing repairs and replacements have enabled our workmen to choose the roofing material best suited for your home.

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    The workmen of the Roofing Company are trained in the matters of craftsmanship and professionalism. They can satisfy your artistic temperament to the utmost, while matching the style of your house with the most suited roofing material.


    We are a licensed and insured company that is GAF and CertainTeed certified. So quality service is assured whenever you need our service. Please give us a call at 727-916-3151 to set up a FREE estimate.