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We are a fully certified roofing company that is focused on providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships by surpassing your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional service.

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    Come summer, the weather can get intense. A host of hailstorms, thunderstorms, and extremely hot days become a continuous tale. Your roof takes the brunt. The roof leak symptoms begin to emerge here and there on your ceiling, on the walls and on the floor destroying your peace of mind. The first thing that turns up in your mind is the image of the money dripping away with the drippings from your roof.

    You try to remember when you have last checked the roof. A year ago? Two years ago? Or just six months ago? The roof leaks can appear all of a sudden. The wind tends to curl or lift your roof shingles either to let water in or create ice dams accumulating the hailstones. This will melt soon and trickle down through the damaged underlayment. It is time to think of the roof repairs!

    How Important is Periodical Roof Inspection for a Proactive Roof Repair?

    The roofs of all kinds need periodical checking. You can do it yearly or bi-yearly. It is not wise to leave your roof alone for more than two years. The ideal thing is to have a thorough inspection of your roof after the winter every year, even if no tell-tale signs appear anywhere. Being proactive always pays off.

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    Is Roof-checking a DIY Job?

    Most people will say that it is a do-it-yourself job and it is foolish to spend money on it. The fact is that your checking will not be as informed and in-depth as that of a professional. While you go about checking for a puddle in the attic (if there is one) or inspect the ceiling for discoloration or dampness, a professional knows the possible weaknesses that can happen to various components of the roof in due course. He will be scrutinizing those areas for possible flaws and may even detect a few.

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    This will save you from a potentially large expenditure as prevention is definitely better than cure. You need not be worried about spending money on roof inspection. Most of the reputed roofing companies will offer you a free roof inspection. Be sure that you approach a competent roofing service provider for the all-important inspection to make sure that a perfect job is done.

    The Possible Reasons For Roof Leaks

    There is a host of possible causes that can bring about minor and major problems to your roof:

    • Installation flaws
    • Defective shingles
    • Low-quality materials
    • The surroundings
    • Age
    • Installation Flaws

    If the roofing company you had engaged for installing your roof is not a skilled one, a number of issues will crop up before long.

    • Defective shingles:

    The shingles will be deformed or broken over time. These allow water to ooze into the lower layers of the roof and finally into the ceiling and onto the walls. They have to be replaced at the earliest and it is an expert’s job.

    • Incompetent flashing installations:

    Flashings are installed at places that need a joint. It is constructed along the valleys, around the chimney, around other roof vents, around the skylight, above the windows, and along the walls. The flashings are usually made of sheets of lead, zinc bitumen, mortar, etc. If sheets are used they have to be nailed perfectly without leaving any space between them and the rest of the roof.

    If the edge of the flashings are not perfectly installed it spells trouble. If the flashings are not fixed properly, there is a chance of strong gales dislocating them or deforming them leaving enough space for water to seep in.

    • Low-quality materials:

    Your roof is a principal component of your house. It is very important that you choose quality materials. The suitability of the materials is also as important. If the material used does not suit the weather conditions it will be damaged fast. You will need the help of an expert to choose the material according to the climatic and environmental conditions. A roofing company that has been functioning in the field for a long time will have knowledgeable workers.

    • The surroundings:

    The weather condition where your house is built has a great impact on your roof. The year-round dampness will accumulate mold in crevices and eat up the roofing materials to let water in. If there are trees around the house they sure will provide enough oxygen but also cause leaves to fall on your roof and clog the roof gutters which in turn will overflow and allow water to seep in.

    leafs in gutter
    lifted shingles
    • Age

    Age definitely is a debilitating aspect. As the age increases, the maintenance of the roof should be given high priority. A good roofing company can provide you with timely intervention and prolong the age of your roof.

    How to Choose the Best and Most Cost-effective Roofing Company

    • The first thing is to inquire how long the company has been in the roofing business. If the experience of the company runs to multiple decades, it is a proof that they are trusted.
    • Inquire about the workforce. If the workers are specially trained in various parts of the roofing job, you are sure to get top-notch service.
    • Check if the company is certified and insured. This will ensure expert services and the workers will be adequately protected in case of a mishap while installing your roof. You need not worry about compensating them.
    • Ask about the special offers by the company. Only an established company can give you offers.

    What Makes The Roofing Company, Hudson, Fl. the Most Cost-effective Roofing Company?

    If you’re looking for a roofing company in Hudson, Fl. which can install a good and durable roof at an economic cost then look no further! The experience of our employees enables them to select the most suitable roof for any condition so that it will take years before you need to think about any repair. 20 unrivaled years gives us the confidence to offer you the very best services.

    We possess both GAF and Certain Teed Certificates and thus you can be sure of superior materials and superlative services. We are just a phone call away (727)916-3151. You can also contact us by filling out our online form.