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Ensuring a secure roof overhead is understandably the prime concern of an individual’s life. The roof should be able to shelter you and your property without fail. However, this same roof often becomes a source of great concern, especially when the climate goes berserk. It’s important to check your roof regularly if your home is situated in a place that’s likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions.

How do you ensure everything is fine on your rooftop?

A periodic roof check from a professional is recommended to make sure that everything is in order on your Clearwater rooftop. To be proactive with roofing problems, we recommend you conduct a walk on your roof quarterly. This may not need the service of an expert. You can do it yourself unless you are afraid of heights. If the weather is bad, you may have to do it more often. After every storm or strong gale, the roof should be inspected meticulously. Various roof issues may arise in your shingles or tiles.

Common roof problems from gusty weather.

Strong airflow can dislodge the shingles or tiles on your roof. If the roofing is done by inexperienced people, there is a possibility of them coming off in gusty weather. If the nail gun squashes the shingles while nailing them to the wood, they will come off easily.

lifted shingles
  • Curling of shingles

If the shingles were improperly installed, the edge of the shingles will be caught by the wind, and as a result, the edge of the shingle may curl, damaging the shingle. The image to the left is a great example of curled shingles. 

• Breakage of shingles

Gales and storms can sometimes wreak havoc on your shingles. If your shingles are somewhat old, the corners and edges of the shingles will be lifted by the strong wind and break, thereby letting water seep in.

damaged shingles

What are the other problems that can cause the premature deterioration of your Clearwater Florida roof?

Other problems that call for urgent roof repairs fall under these two major categories.

1. Age-related problems

  • Granule Loss

Different roofing materials have different life expectancies. When your roof reaches the end of its service life, you’ll notice certain tell-tale signs. The first of them is loose granules gagging your gutters. The shingles are likely to shed granules when they’re old. The weather conditions usually accelerate this.

  • Roof valley damage

An aged roof is likely to have damaged roof valleys. Since the valleys endure all that water falling on your roof, like everything else, water may erode the roof valleys. So if your roof is old, it’s better to inspect these valleys and conduct a roof repair promptly.

flashing issues

• Roof flashings deformation

With age, the roof flashings are likely to chip or break away if they’re made of cement or tar. If it’s the metal flashing, age will set off rusting of the flashings. In both the cases, immediate roof repair is imperative.

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2. Other weather-related problems

As mentioned before, strong airflow (storms, gales, and hurricanes) will be a major determining factor for the longevity of your roof. Humidity and rain are no less damaging. If amateur roofers do your roof installation in Clearwater FL, the shingles may not be arranged at the required angles. This will cause puddles to form on your roof. Such lingering water is highly damaging.

  • Seepage

Seepage is the most serious problem in this case. These persistent pools allow the water to seep through the gaps between the shingles. This water is likely to destroy the decking underneath, causing additional roof damage.

  • Moss Invasion

The persistent moisture on the roof is highly conducive to moss growth. Moss growth destroys the shingles by destroying their edges or curling them from the extremities. This again will allow seepage.

moss on roof
  • Mold and mildew growth

Seepage in between the shingles or tiles makes the attic humid. Humidity is a condition which causes the offset of mildew growth. Some of these are poisonous and cause health problems to the inhabitants of the house.

  • Damages caused by the nearby vegetation

If trees or other forms of vegetation surround your house, there’s a possibility of leaves accumulating on your roof. This debris will block your gutters and water will overflow into the attic, causing leaks. 

leafs in gutter

Another possibility is that the branches of the trees may fall on the roof causing damage to the roof. So, it’s vital that you clean up your roof after every storm or hurricane. If there are overhanging branches from trees, you’ll need to prune your trees periodically.

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We’ve been in the roofing business for three generations with an unconditional commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

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Fully insured roofing company

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