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We are a fully certified roofing company that is focused on providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships by surpassing your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional service.

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    The primary function of a roof is providing protection from the weather. Then it goes without saying that the roof installation is a serious thing. There are a number of factors that need your meticulous consideration before you start a roof replacement or a roof repair.

    How do you decide whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement?

    1. Consider the age of your roof

    The serviceable life of an asphalt roof is calculated to be 20 – 25 years. However, high temperatures and lack of regular maintenance may shorten its life. Consequently, it may start deteriorating somewhere around 20 years. In short, if your roof is 20+ years old, you might need a replacement. On the other hand, if you are in the habit of checking up your roof regularly and do the necessary maintenance, you might need only a roof repair. Nonetheless, before deciding, it is very important to seek a professional opinion. Call in a reliable and experienced roofing company to see what you require is a repair or replacement.

    2. The current condition of your shingles

    • Granules in the gutter

    When you detect a roof leak, the first thing to do is to check your gutter and downspout to see if there are granules chocking them. Granules in the gutter and downspout signify deterioration of shingles.

    lifted shingles
    • Curling and crumbling of shingles

    If there are no such alarming symptoms, the next thing is to walk on your roof checking its appearance and condition. Direct sunlight and high temperature have a very detrimental effect on the shingles. It will curl or crumple the shingles leaving space for water to seep in through under them.

    • Dark patches or discoloration on the shingles

    Any dark patches or other discoloration on the shingles mean an attack of algae or lichen and the shingles and probably structures underneath are rotten.

    • Missing Shingles

    Strong winds cause the shingles to fly off from the roof leaving a large hole to let water in. This will surely create enough havoc that will cost you your roof. In all the above cases – you need to think of a replacement.

     If the shingles are just displaced or lifted by the wind and their shape and condition are intact, you only need a repair. An expert roofing company can advise you on the matter.

    3. Deterioration of various flashings on your roof

    Flashings are covers that are installed wherever there are joints. These include the flashing of the chimney, skylight, dormers, roof vents and electrical and plumbing vents etc. Metal sheets are usually used to cover the gaps between the seating of these structures and the roof. If you have missed a deterioration of these during your inspection, an undetected leak could have soaked the structures underneath causing serious damage to your roof. In that case, a replacement is in order. Then again, it is better to have a professional opinion before the decision. If it is only a case of damage in the flashing material and the structures underneath are intact, a replacement of the flashing sheet will suffice.

    4. Damaged roof board

    If daylight can be seen through the roof board, it is a sure sign that your roof board is damaged. To decide whether this is the case, you only have to walk on your roof. If your feet encounter certain softness on the roof, it shows that the decking underneath is moist and hence weak. A roof replacement will be in order. Seeking expert judgment on this matter is also recommended.

    In short, you may detect many symptoms of defects and damage on your roof. But it is not wise to decide the remedy by yourself, for the simple reason that you are not knowledgeable enough to decide whether the damages are serious or not. You need the educated judgment of a professional.

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    How do you settle on a roofing company for quality services?

    Every city has a host of roofing contractors. To choose the best one from them is no easy job. It is not always advisable to go by the cheap estimate provided by a company. If the rate is cheap, there may be compromises on the workmanship or the quality of materials.

    The following strategies can help you in making your mind up:

    • Legitimacy

    The first and foremost endeavor is to make sure that the company is legitimate. There are a number of scammers in the field. So make sure the details like the address, phone number, website and emails provided by the company is genuine before starting to talk business.

    • Insurance and license

    It is very important for a roofing company to have the relevant license. This ensures that the work force includes trained hands and you can expect high quality services. Insurance on the other hand makes sure that you need not worry about the welfare of the employees during the work. The insurance will cover any eventuality.

    • Clientele reference

    Ask the company to provide references of their previous services. Cross checking with the relevant individuals will yield the desired result. Making sure the quality of the company’s services and other dealings will alleviate future conflicts.

    • Locality

    You will have to have a lot of interaction and frequent communication with the roofing company during the roof restoration. So it is always advantageous to have a local company to whom you can gain access at any time.

    • Warranty

    The conditions in the warranty certificate should be scrutinized carefully. There should be a clear understanding about the clauses quoted in the certificate. Check if the warranty covers the workmanship or the material or both.

    What makes The Roofing Company, Cheval, Florida more competent than its competitors?

    The Roofing Company, Cheval, Florida is a family company handled by three consecutive generations. The superior know-how of roofing techniques that are passed on from generation to generation makes the company 

    stand out in the crowd. The company has tied itself up with the most committed manufacturers, sub-contractors and vendors. This helps us to lend very competent services in every field.

    We are adequately insured to cover any unforeseen crisis during the work. So the homeowners can rest assured of a smooth business relationship.

    We are GAF and CertainTeed Licensed. This enables us to provide our customers with quality materials.
    The Roofing Company, Cheval, Fl. is looking for an enduring working relationship with all its customers.

    When you encounter a roofing problem you only have to give us a call 727-916-3151 or fill out the online form on our contact page. In case you want us to find the problem for you, call us for a free 15 point roof checking. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.