Project Description

  • The pre-existing modified roof was removed down to the wood deck and thoroughly inspected. We found three rotten/damaged boards which were removed and replaced with new pieces and nailed to current building code.
  • We re-nailed the wood deck per Florida building code with 8d ring shank coil nails every 6″.
  • Next, we installed tapered insulation over the existing deck in order to elevate the roof so that water runs off and does not pool.
  • Installed new 7″ drip edge with roofing cement on top of the drip edge.
  • Installed 60 mil thick TPO (thermoplastic Polyolefin).
  • Installed proper flashing around all pipes, vents, and penetrations.
  • Installed termination bar where applicable.
  • Installed/sealed new counter flashing along wall with proper fasteners.


Items That Lower Home Owner Insurance!

  • Included wind mitigation in contract.
  • Installed hurricane stripes.

Project Details

Client Mr. Bailey
Location Tarpon Springs, FL
Completed 07/2016
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