Your roof certainly has a fixed life, depending on the materials used. However, negligence on your part will result in cutting this life considerably short. The good news is that you can get the optimum life for your Oldsmar roof by being diligent in your roof maintenance.

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1. Roof inspection 

As Oldsmar weather can be unpredictable and on the extreme side, roof inspection should be done periodically. But after a streak of particularly bad weather, you should have an immediate roof inspection even if it was not long after the previous check. The rooftop and attic have to be checked thoroughly for any damages to the roofing material as well as the roof structure. If you are not sure about the condition of your roof it is better to call a professional roofing contractor in Oldsmar, FL to evaluate your situation. 

2. Rooftop Cleaning

The leaves and twigs from the nearby vegetation constitute the main content of the debris on your roof. It is absolutely necessary to clear your roof of any debris as it will cause pooling of moisture on your roof leading to algal growth. Algal growth is detrimental to your roof shingles. 

3. Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are structures that help your rooftop drain properly. If they are blocked, it will overflow and water will seep into your attic through the fascia. The gutter can be blocked by leaves, debris, and shingle granules if your shingles are damaged. 

cleaning gutters

This is a sign that you have to think about replacing your shingles. Gutter cleanings should be done on a monthly basis during the summer months when it rains frequently. After a day of strong wind or rain, it’s best to check your gutters to see if the water flow is unobstructed.


4. Attic Inspection

After the roof, the next important place is the attic. It’s vital to keep your attic in the best condition. Any moisture accumulation is damaging to your roof insulation and hence the roof as a whole. A moist attic is a breeding ground for mold and mildew growth. These will cause decay and deterioration to set-in from within. Efficient attic ventilation is a must. Properly installed vents near the soffit area and others at the highest points of the roof should provide adequate ventilation in the attic. The uninhibited air circulation will remove moisture and excessive heat from the attic preventing mold growth and keep the attic cool and dry making a positive difference in your energy bill.


5. Attic Insulation


Attic insulation is as important as attic ventilation, considering the very hot climate of Oldsmar, Florida. A well-insulated attic will not retain the moisture that helps the growth of mold or other allergens. It will help with the energy efficiency of your home as well. It’s important to see that you use the insulation with the R-value suitable for your local climate. Avoiding any blockage to the vents, while insulating your attic, is also crucial.

attic insulation

6. Keeping the nearby vegetation under control 

A place with trees and other greenery is very favorable to the health of your family but not necessarily to the health of your roof. The small branches and leaves can wreak havoc to your rooftop. So it’s very important to trim the nearby and overhanging branches of the trees around your house. The nearby branches that touch your roof can cause damage to your shingles by constant contact with them. The overhanging branches will shed leaves on your roof and if they are big and heavy they pose a certain definite threat to your roof.


This 6-point guide can easily extend your roof life in Oldsmar, FL considerably. It’s always good to be proactive in the case of your roof maintenance. If you would like to set up a free roofing estimate then give us a call 727-916-3151 or fill out our contact form here.