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Trying to sell a house is extremely daunting because you have to look into a hundred and one things which a potential buyer would scrutinize. Your roof is the best place to start. The roof enhances or depreciates the curb appeal of a house.
However, it would be foolish to think that the sole appearance of your roof will draw a bunch of prospective buyers, even though it is the crucial factor that would. The technical and structural well-being of a roof is equally important for them. There are some key areas that would be of interest to a buyer.

1. Appearance 

The roof of the house is the most discernible part of a house. The appearance of a roof is a combination of the condition of the roofing material, the color, and its structural integrity. The deformed and/or discolored shingles, broken tiles and the warped metal sheets downgrade the aesthetics of an Oldsmar roof. The faded or unattractive color scheme of a roof adversely affects the look of a roof. So does a sagging or unsymmetrical roof.


It is the task for the owner to rectify these problems. If shingles are curled or buckled they should be repaired. The missing shingles or tiles also should be replaced. The edges of the metal roofing are likely to be curled or dented. An experienced roofer can remedy these defects.

The roof-top structures 

Chimneys, vents, skylights and plumbing points stick out on the roof and are visible to an observer. A chimney with chipped sides and the broken cover is a definite eye-sore. The chimney should be repaired to correct any deformity caused by flying debris in the turbulent Oldsmar weather. The attic vents, plumbing vents, and skylights also are likely to be affected by the mentioned problem. A professional roofing contractor should be called to remedy these problems.

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2. Gutters 

The broken and clogged gutters and downspouts advertise the bad maintenance of a roof and for a prospective buyer, they will be highly off-putting. Before putting a house on sale you should repair or replace the damaged gutters and downspouts. They should be thoroughly cleaned of leaves and debris.


3. Cleanliness of the roof

A debris covered roof is definitely not attractive. A roof infested with biological growth is also repulsive.If you are planning to sell the house, it is better to engage a professional in order to clean your roof. The DIY cleaning may not be sufficient.

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4. Flashing 

These are metal sheets that are used to cover the joints on the roof so that they are rendered waterproof. The flashings are located around the roof-top fixtures and valleys. Age will allow rust to set in and the Oldsmar weather is likely to lift their edges and displace them. These defects are easily visible. Repairing or replacing the flashing is not a costly proposition but would surely reflect on the price of the house. This is another indispensable job to consider before putting a house on the market. 


The signs of roof leak are very visible upfront. They will be in the form of discolored areas on the ceiling, the sagging or broken ceiling and the trailing blemishes on the walls. These would serve as buyer-repellents.If such signs are detected, you need to call a professional to have the leaks discovered and corrected.


6. Structural health

If there are minor problems they should be repaired immediately. If your roof has reached the end of its service life, it is better to replace it. This is a costly expense but a new roof always has a positive effect on the market value of a house. However, a professional opinion should be sought before taking a step in that direction. After the inspection, you need to obtain a certificate of the inspection for displaying it to the likely buyers. This would convince them of the health of your roof. These points are expected to help the Oldsmar homeowners who are thinking of putting their houses on the market.