When the roof has completed half of its expected life, leaks crop up due to several reasons. Some of these will be simple and easy to repair, and others are serious and would need an expert roof repair contractor in Oldsmar, Florida to resolve it.

Causes of simple roof leaks in Oldsmar


1. Missing shingles

When the weather is exceptionally windy, a few shingles are likely to be blown off. Water will enter through these gaps, causing a roof leak. If there are only a few shingles missing, then it will be a reasonably priced repair. Sometimes even a DIY roof repair is sufficient.

damaged shingles 
roof flashing

2. Displaced flashing

The metal sheets that are used to seal the bases of the roof-top structures are sometimes lifted by the wind. This creates small gaps in between the metal sheets and the walls of the structures. This can be repaired easily by pulling the sheet and correcting any distortion and affixing them once again in place. This requires a very simple repair.


3. Displaced step flashing 

This kind of flashing is installed where a wall of an upper section of the roof intersects the lower one or where there is a dormer. If the sheet is displaced by wind or rainwater flow off, a gap forms between the wall and the flashing through which water flows in. This also can be corrected easily.

4. Damaged siding

If a siding board is blown off, it has to be replaced as soon as possible. This repair may require the services of a professional. If this is noticed in time and corrected, it will prevent further damages.

5. Chocked gutters 

It is very important to keep the gutters and downspouts exceptionally clean. If they are blocked by debris, and the flow off is obstructed, the gutters will overflow. Your fascia and soffits will be in danger. Water enters through the gaps to cause serious roof leaks over time. After every rain, it is better to inspect the gutters and downspouts, and if they are blocked or damaged in any way, simple repair work is called for.

6. Cracked plumbing boots 

The plumbing workers would cover the pipes and other plumbing components projecting from the roof with a rubber boot. The heat of the sun would turn these boots brittle, and overtime cracks are formed. Water is likely to seep in and cause the roof leak. Replacing the rubber boot is easy and inexpensive.


The issues that make replacement necessary

1. Missing or damaged shingles in a large portion of the roof 

Hurricane damage on a roof will not be uniform throughout the entirety of the roof. Storms and hurricanes usually affect a particular portion of the roof very seriously. A lot of shingles will be blown off, exposing the underlayment to the elements. A particularly hot summer will cause the shingles to curl, buckle or crack. This sometimes spoils a whole portion of the roof and more often than not, replacing will be a better and more cost-effective solution than repair. 

2. Cracked sealants and corroded flashing

The sealant that fastens the metal sheets is likely to crack over time letting water in. If this is not taken seriously, the metal sheet underneath will corrode and holes develop. This usually wreaks havoc in the decking and destabilizes the roof structure. Repairing will be only a short term solution. In such cases, a professional will advise you to replace the roof so that more expenses are spared in the immediate future.

3. Sagging of roof

If you notice roof leaks and at the same time a slight sagging around the origin of the leak, you can be sure that the leak has penetrated considerably into the roof structure and rot has set in. This leaves you no choice but replacement of the roof. To determine the seriousness of your Oldsmar roof leak, it is better to seek the services of a professional roofer. You can take an informed decision after a thorough professional roof inspection.