copper metal roof

Metal is considered to be a smart choice for roofing material. It has many benefits over the more popular materials like asphalt shingles.

red metal roof

1. Suitable for Extreme climates 

Metal roofs are highly suitable for a place like Oldsmar, FL, where the climate tends to be extreme. The heat of the sun does not affect the metal roof. Continuous rain also will not damage the metal sheets. Metal does not keep the heat, nor does it transfer heat to the underlayment. Since metal does not soak up rain or absorb moisture, you won’t have to worry about any roof-leaks. Neither does it crack or peel off while suffering the UV rays of the sun.

2. Energy Competence

Since metal sheets reflect most of the heat that falls on it, the interior of your house will not heat up during summer. This reduces the use of air-conditioners. During winter, the metal sheets trap the heat produced inside the house rendering it warm. In both cases, the energy bills will display a positive effect on your wallet.

metal roof install

3. Service life extension 

Metal has more life than many other roofing materials. The average life of a metal roof is 30 years. With timely maintenance and care, it can extend up to 50 years. This means a homeowner can install a metal roof and it last up to twice as long as a shingle roof.


4. Almost zero maintenance

Once you install a metal roof, you won’t need to worry about the frequency of inspections, maintenance, and roof repairs. Your metal roof will endure a lot of adversities imposed by the elements and save you a considerable amount on post-installation expenses.

copper metal roof

5. Robust in nature 

Extremely robust metal sheets are available in the market. So it will not be dented or damaged if small tree-limbs hit your roof during a storm. Furthermore, cleaning a metal roof is much easier. 


6. Resistant to bio-growth

Algal and lichen growth usually deteriorates your roof. Mold and mildew rot most other roofing materials. These also spoil the attraction of your roof. However, you won’t have to worry about these adversities because your metal roof is immune to these problems.


7. Fends off pests


Pests often become a nuisance. Their nests can destroy your attic. Furthermore, their droppings often produce a foul odor in your attic. The metal roof will not allow the rodents or any other pests to break through it, thus serving as an effective pest repellent.

roof damage from animal

8. Fire resistant

Fire is a significant hazard that affects most other roofing materials. Any short circuit in your electrical lines that are installed close to your roof will set fire to the roofing materials. Your metal roof is entirely fire-resistant. It also saves you from spending money on the fire-resistance treatment commonly associated with other roofing materials.

brown metal roof

9. Aesthetics 

The metal sheets are available in different designs and colors. You can select the color and shape that you desire. There are tile shaped metal sheets now available in the market. The roof will have a tiled appearance, which is often very appealing. 

10. A green option 

The metal roof is highly environment friendly. Unlike the asphalt shingles, these are 100% recyclable. 

11. Adds resale value to your house

Metal roofs are a stable and long-lasting proposition. This aspect will certainly enhance the resale value of your house. This is an excellent advantage if you want to sell your home at any point in the future.