Minor vs Major roof Repair in Florida

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Spring is a time for roof repairs in Florida. It is a time for correcting the damages done by the autumn winds and prepare for extreme heat and rains during summer. It means you will have to conduct a thorough roof inspection and assess the existing condition of your roof. A good professional roof inspection will reveal many minor and major repair needs.

Minor Roof Repairs

An average homeowner may consider some of these minor issues inconsequential. However, the fact is, many of these seemingly minor problems may develop into very serious ones in due course. It may compromise the integrity of your roof in many ways. Thereafter, you are likely to lay yourself open to huge expenses. So, it is better to hold the bull by the horn. If you are a resourceful person, you can turn these into DIY jobs. 

• Replacing damaged and missing shingles

September is usually a hurricane season in Florida. If you don’t experience violent hurricanes you are sure to experience very strong gales during this month. The wind will blow off or displace many of the shingles. Replacing a few odd shingles is not a major project.

tampa missing shingles on roof

• Repairing/replacing flashings

Two types of damages occur to flashings at various points on your roof. The wind may displace or distort the metal sheets. At the same time, the heat will crack up the roofing cement that fixes the sheet in place. The continuous rain in Florida is likely to corrode the metal sheets. In such cases, you will have to replace them. If the metal sheet is intact but the roofing cement is cracked, you should remove it altogether and reapply a fresh coat.  If the wind has distorted or displaced the sheets, you should straighten them and fix them in place using roofing cement or another convenient sealant.

• Unclogging and repairing gutters and downspouts 

The winds in Florida will fill the gutters with leaves and other vegetative parts. Clogged gutters and downspouts cause overflow and water damage in due course. Cleaning the gutters and downspouts is an easy job. Violent winds are likely to tear off the gutters from their holds. Straightening the gutters and re-fixing them is everybody’s job.

clogged gutters in tampa

• Repairing the rubber boots of plumbing and roof vents

The plumbing vents and some of the other roof vents are often fixed using rubber housings. These rubber boots sometimes crack because of the exposure. Replacing them is an easy task. 

• Dealing with lose nails on the rooftop and projecting nails in the attic 

When the wind gets under the shingles lifting them, the nails that attach them to the roof loosen. The resultant gaps are potential roof leak sources. When you notice them, drive them down. Similarly, some of the nails that fix the shingles may project through the ceiling of the attic. The moisture from the living area will accumulate on them during the night and the day’s sun will melt it. The condensate thus produced will affect your ceiling. If you see the protruding nails, clip them close to their base.

• Cleaning the rooftop 

It is very important to clean the debris buildup on the roof. Otherwise, it will retain water which will seep in through the gaps in between the shingles. The homeowner can clean the roof periodically to prevent this.

• Cleaning the vents and chimneys 

Your vents and chimneys help in the circulation of air. When the vents are clogged, it will affect the attic, making it humid. A clogged chimney will block the smoke from your fireplace making it permeate the interior of your house. So, unclogging these structures is vital.

Major roof repairs

Extensive damage to the main structure of the roof occurs when there is a prolonged case of a Tampa roof leak that has gone unnoticed. A serious pest occupation also will cause considerable detriment to your roof. The most obvious sign of such damage is the sagging of the roof.

Any damage that involves a large extent of the roof requires a major repair. Likewise, structural damage that threatens the integrity of your roof needs a major repair. It can be the damage to the framework of the roof, the damage to the wood rafters, or the underlayment deterioration. All such issues will probably culminate in a roof replacement.

Usually, the major roof repair happens when the homeowner has left the minor problems unheeded for long. So, every homeowner should inspect his roof periodically and correct any trouble when detected

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