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This question may result in a mixed responses. The short answer from a professional roofing contractor is: No. You never want to cover an existing roof with another layer of roofing materials. This will significantly increase the possibility of compromising the structural integrity of your house.

If a roofing company suggests this low-cost option then they have revealed themselves to be a deceitful contractor that you should avoid. Facts about this topic:

  • Shingles add significant weight to your roof. There is 350-450 pounds of shingles per 100sq. Ft. on your home.
  • For a shingle roof to be effective it must be laid as flat as possible. An old roof often has lifted, missing, or curled shingles. This will make it impractical to retain the required flatness.

Those are just a few reasons why it’s advised not to shingle over an existing roof. You may save some money now, but the long-term costs associated with a compromised structure are not worth it.

A supervisor will be assigned to your roofing project and will be the primary point of contact should you have questions during the installation process.  If he is not onsite the moment you have your question, you’ll have his cell phone and email.  There are also crew leaders on site at all times who can either answer your questions or get the supervisor involved depending on the nature of the question.

Drip edge is a thin piece of metal or aluminum that fits underneath the shingle where it extends off the roof. Drip edge was optional for years. However, since 2012 drip edge is now required according to International Building Codes so we will install it on every new roof.

Drip edge is an important component to your roofing system. It helps guide runoff water into the gutters instead of behind them. This will ensure your fascia and wood remain protected. Though drip edge is mandatory nowadays, some roofing contractors don’t install it because it’s an added expense. Make sure your roofer follow proper code and installs a drip edge.

The simple answer is that it adds a layer of protection to your roofing system. This layer acts as a waterproof membrane that sits underneath your shingle or tile roof. This will also improve the uniformity of your roof. The reason is that some roof decking may not lie perfectly flat. By adding this layer it will give an even, uniform appearance.

Black stains are often a sign of algae growth. This type of algae feeds off the minerals in some roofing shingles and thrive in high moisture locations. Areas that are shaded tend to have a higher chance of algae growth. Florida roofing contractors will suggest you cut overhanging trees and vegetation to avoid this issue.

If you currently have algae on your roof, that doesn’t mean it requires a replacement. The algae doesn’t actually damage your roof, it just looks bad. However, you can often encounter misinformation

If you look for a solution for removing these black stains. A quick Google search will result in various ways to remove the stains. One suggestion is to mix bleach and water then spray it on your roof. This however will kill surrounding vegetation and possibly stain your walls. Another method is to put biodegradable green surfactant in a pressure washer. This will avoid damaging your plants, however the strong jets of a pressure washer may unintentionally damage your shingle. That’s why we recommend you hire a professional roof cleaner who has experience and proper tools to get the job done correctly.

When you’re ready to get a roof replacement we recommend you ask to mount copper or zinc strips near the roof ridge. These elements will prevent algae growth. Rain water that flows over these strips will pick up ions that will inhibit the algae from gaining a foothold. Also ask about algae resistant shingles if cutting the vegetation around your roof is not an option.

Seamless gutters provides a clean and uniform look due it being a single piece of aluminum. A seamless gutter can be made up to 100ft in length and only require joints at the edges. Whereas, regular gutters are often made in 10ft sections that have to be stacked together to make a long continuous run along your roof. Since seamless gutters are made from a continuous strip of aluminum there are less areas that are prone to failure. Seamless gutters will also offer a better curb appeal.

There are lots of factors that determine how much you’ll pay for home owners insurance but for this response I’ll stick to roofing related factors.

As a homeowner, if you’re looking to get a new roof you should not overlook the different levels of protection these roofing systems offer because it will contribute to the amount of money you can save on homeowners insurance.

By choosing a shingle that can resistant high winds and storms damage you’re not only protecting your home better, but you’ll also save significantly on your homeowners insurance. The lower the chance of your roof receiving damage from a storm will result in a lower insurance premium.

One thing you can do is call your insurance company to see how these upgrades will impact your policy coverage and costs.

Another factor that can significantly lower insurance costs is receiving a wind mitigation inspection. A trained professional will examine your home’s safety features to determine how secure it is against storms. For more details about wind mitigation continue reading this Q&A page.

As a homeowner, you can receive significant savings on your homeowners insurance by receiving a wind mitigation inspection. This is often performed when special features are added to your home to help withstand high winds caused by powerful storms.

Since Florida is often hit by tropical storms and hurricanes we often recommend you add these special features to your new roof so that you can be better protected from storms along with lowering your insurance premiums.

One feature you can request on your new roof is hurricane straps. They come in various levels of protection. Your options will include: Double wrap, single wrap, clips, and then toenails. The double wrap will offer the greatest level of protection against high winds and provide the greatest discount to your homeowners insurance. However, this option is the most expensive. On the other hand, toe nails are the cheapest option which will result in a smaller discount.

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